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There is nothing more natural, elegant and stylish than a rock garden. The harsh surface of slate, travertine or limestone combined perfectly with the vivid setting outlined by the plants and flowers. Especially if you used natural stone elements for interior decoration, you should also have it for the interior, for a feeling of unity, uniformity and homogeneity into the overall design of the living space.


The complete paving of the backyard or terrace with natural stone is not the only way you can use this material for decorating the exterior of your home. Get inspired from these elegant ideas, which will turn your garden into a true oasis of relaxation:


1. Create contours for floral arrangements

If you have a larger garden and you want to have more layers with plants, dividing them on colors, areas of origin, or even the blooming time of the year, you can separate these areas with natural stone. Use travertine tiles, slate, marble or Rusty Brown Slate to achieve a dramatic and very tidy effect or pebble stone, sand or decorative mosaic, decorative garden stone and decorative sandstone ball for an organic look.

You can play with shapes and colors for creating the most creative contours, or you can limit yourself to using a single type of natural stone decoration for keeping a classic and conservative line. Whatever style you choose, it is important to have a consistency also in terms of sorting and planting in the landscaping areas. For example, you cannot use rockery fir separate the petunias potting, as two rows of pebble stone would be almost invisible around the hydrangeas plantations.


2. Build a distinct alley

When you build a house and start garden landscaping instead of choosing to live in building with many apartment, that requires less maintenance and is less expensive, it is obvious that you can enjoy more space but also a spectacular decoration for a daily delight. The walkways have their aesthetic purpose, besides the practical one, and building them in accordance with the other features of your backyard is essential.


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Japanese steps walkways (Kavala slate)


Japanese steps are always an idea at hand, with minimum aftercare, especially from a material such as slate. The longitudinally oversized plates can also give your garden a refined and imposing look, while the symmetrical natural stone tiles used for exterior flooring are the first option for people who prefer the conservative style.


3. Lay the foundations for a summer kitchen in your garden

The summer kitchens are not only very practical in the warm season, but they can also become very beautiful corners of your garden. If the space width allows you to do so and you are a big fan of grills and dishes in the wood oven or on fireplace, such an outdoor kitchen is a perfect idea for you. See here the entire offer for barbecues, ovens and accessories.


Outdoor kitchen family set with splitface cladding: barbecue, sink table and simple table


Even if it seems hard to maintain, especially since being exposed to oils and all kind of fats, the natural stone can be treated so that it does not stain and can be easily cleaned: all you have to do is submitting it to constant processes of waterproofing and sealing, to be repeated whenever needed, depending on the type of natural stone and its aftercare specifications.


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4. Have your own natural rockery

You don't have to follow specific instructions for this, because the only rule is to let your imagination run free, maintaining a coherent line or even a garden theme. Alternating pebble rocks with natural stone boulders and exotic plants will transform your garden into a natural oasis of relaxation. There are plants that can be better highlighted with natural stone, so that using them is only a way to highlight nature’s beauty.


For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

Tips for designing a beautiful rock garden
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