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Use dark color countertops for a stylish kitchen decoration project

publicat in: Kitchen // Publicata pe 15.10.2018

Natural stone countertops are essential kitchens elements and you should choose your stone based on kitchen design, utility and personal taste. Slate and granite countertops are the most durable, therefore are recommended for frequent use. Marble and travertine countertops have beautiful colors, conveying a soft course into your kitchen. Contemporary design is developed on the course of a refined style, focused on color. So, we get to have dark color countertops, conveying a special magic into your kitchen, also highlighted by the abstract depths of granite, in the subconscious durability of slate or complimentary elegance of marble. Black or dark blue granite countertops transmit durability, defining the style of your kitchen.


Black Galaxy 250 x 65 x 3 cm, granite countertop with polished finish is defined as a flagship of the series. Conveying the elegance of Greek marble grafted on granite’s durability, the countertop conveys a refined ambience associated with premium elegance into your kitchen. Black Galaxy is aristocratic, bringing to mind a deep Indian night with its living stars.


Nero Marquina 240 x 65 x 3 cm, marble countertop with polished finish, elegant and soft, brings the reputation of darkness from the ancient quarries, with finely powdered veins in discreet and convincing depths. Nero Marquina offers a solid and also remarkable countertop, perfect for a stylish kitchen.


Nero Slate 200 x 65 x 2 cm, with brushed finish, durable as granite and elegant as marble, establishes a necessary balance in the kitchen, offsetting the honed effects with the brilliance of stainless steel objects.  Nero Slate is a countertop that defines a lavish style in your kitchen, with amazing games of light and shadows, with clogged inflections and strong, neat lines.


Extra Blue 315 x 100 x 5 cm, with polished finish, is an atypical size granite countertop, with a deep blue that brins to mind the nights of Ukrainian plains. Designed for atypical kitchens it spreads an unusual sobriety, bringing a special magic into your kitchen. Extra Blue 250 x 65 x 3 cm, the smaller size, retains the same fascination of color set against the timeless resistance, typical for granite.


The polished surface of natural stone countertops require a coat of wax / sealer. We recommend using a kit containing cleaning, waterproofing and aftercare solutions. PIATRAONLINE recommends natural stone countertops due to their durability and unique features.

Use dark color countertops for a stylish kitchen decoration project
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