Vratza Limestone Brushed cut-to-size slabs 2 cm

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Product description

The apparent harshness of this Vratza brushed limestone induces a feeling of calm and unique detachment. Suitable for steps, interior window sills or other custom made parts. Shipped internationally, no matter the quantity!

Brushing special parts made out of Vratza Limestone induces a feeling of calm and detachment. From this natural stone we can make kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall claddings, steps and counter steps, various items of furniture etc. You just give us the exact dimensions and shape copied on a template, and we cut them from medium and large stone slabs. After cutting to size, the edges of these special pieces of Vratza limestone can be rounded (bullnose, half bullnose, beveled etc.). We can also provide help with the making of mock-ups or with measurements. The minimum order is 5 sqm

We are at your disposal with our own teams of professional installers for any type of natural stone. We can also provide dedicated or group transportation anywhere in Europe - express or scheduled.

Note: The products listed above are quality products from natural stone cut with great care by stonemasons. The Vratza Limestone is a product of nature, so never will two pieces or two areas of a stone's surface be identical. Our company can offer the maximum quality that this material can provide.

Product specification

Color variation
Order now and we will dispatch it internationally by truck, container or even courier) regardless of quantity, our cost of transport is extremely low. Also we have dedicated teams in order to instal fast and easy.
Minimum order quantity
5 sqm
Product code
Suitable for:
Interior - wall cladding
Interior - floor covering
Exterior - wall cladding
Surface finish:
2 cm
Weight (U.M.)

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Recommended for:

  • Stairs / Countertops / Window Sills

Suitable for:

  • Interior - wall cladding
  • Interior - floor covering
  • Exterior - wall cladding

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