Weber MIN100 20 KG - Decorative mineral plaster

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Product description

Decorative mineral grouting used for finishing both exterior and interior walls, recommended to be applied over exterior thermal insulation systems.

White cement based powder with added minerals and professional quality synthetic resins, hydrophobic and with great support adherence.
Available in a 3 mm rolling granulation 3R, 2 mm packed granulation 2K and 1 5 mm packed granulation 1 5K.

Surface it’s applied on:
For both interior and exterior walls. Recommended to be applied on exterior thermal insulation systems.

Surface preparation:
The supporting surface must be clean, undeformable, fix and dry and its bumps should not be bigger than 1 mm. Check the support absorption rate before applying the Weber MIN 100 grouting and in the case in which it has a great or very reduced level of absorption (old grouting etc.), first treat the surface with a layer of Weber G700 – primer. The primer must be applied with at least 5 – 7 hours before the Weber MIN 100 grouting. The primers is also recommended when installing on insulation systems.

Work and preparation method:
Preparation: Pour the contents of one bag in 5.5 liters of water and mix manually or mechanically using the mixer to obtain a homogeneous paste. After obtaining a homogeneous paste, leave it for 5 minutes then remix well.
Application: Spread the Weber MIN 100 material on the supporting surface using a stainless steel trowel with a thickness similar to the largest material grain (1.5 – 2 – 3 mm depending on the granulation).

In order to easily obtain the structure you must apply the material in the thinnest possible layer. For a scratched, tree bark-like structure, the applied material – 3 R – must be troweled in a linear or circular direction using a plastic trowel after 5-15 min since the application – depending on the weather (when the plastic trowel does not stick) – for the packed, rice grain structure – 1.5 K and 2 K granulation – must be troweled in a circular direction right after application.
When joining the two finishing surface you must use the wet-on-wet method in order to prevent differences in the structure.

Working temperature is minimum +5 C degrees = and  max +30 C degrees
While applying, the surface must be protected of strong sunlight and weather.
The used material and the cladded surface should not be exposed to frost or rain for 24 hours since the application.
On cold or very humid weather, the doweling of the glued insulating tiles should only be done after waiting a proper time (test doweling).

Usage characteristics:
It can be applied straight onto the thermal insulation system, over the base grouting or over insulating grouting first smoothed out.
These times are given for a temperature of 20 C degrees and a relative humidity of 65%. Higher values shorten and lower temperatures increase these times.

Technical data:
Support adherence ≥0 20 N/sqmm
Water vapor permeability coefficient µ ≈ 12
Mechanical compressive strength: ≥ 2N/sqmm
Mechanical strength of bending tensile: ≥ 1N/sqmm
Application time: 1.5 - 2 hours

Validity term:
12 months from date of manufacture when stored away from frost and high temperatures.

2.4-2.6 kg/sqm fine granulation K1.5 mm
2.8-3.1 kg/sqm medium granulation K2 mm
2.6-2.8 kg/sqm rolling granulation R3 mm

Product specification

Specific observations or benefits
Bag 20kg - pallet 54 Bags - 1080kg
Weight (U.M.)
20 kg
Color variation
Product code
Suitable for:
Interior - wall cladding
Exterior - wall cladding
Specific observations
Product purchase details
Order now and we will dispatch it by truck in Europe or by container internationally. Regardless of quantity, our shipping cost will be low. To find out our shipping price, just give us a call.
Minimum order quantity
1 Sack
Packaging Unit Weight (kg)
20 Kg
Packing details
54 pieces / pallet
Weight of the pallet / box / package (kg)
1080 Kg
Weight per piece (kg)
20 kg

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