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Natural stone (marble, travertine or slate) is a high quality material, able to convey character and singularity to your decorated space. And if you analyze it in the long run, it is an efficient investment compared to other materials, because of its extended lifetime. So, why you should use natural stone for your decoration project?

Natural stone is available in many textures and patterns, each tile being unique and with a special story. This is a material shaped throughout many years and exposed to many minerals, therefore with a special energy.

Natural stone has an extended lifetime, one of world’s most durable materials. For example, when using ceramic tiles for decorating a bathroom, you will need replacement in a couple of years, which doubles your budget in the long run. And besides durability, natural stone has another great feature: it can be used for both exterior and interior decoration projects: cladding, flooring, kitchen countertops. Moreover, the latest technology allows processing natural stone in many creative ways: SKIN Flexible Slate is a good example. A material designed with German technology, SKIN flexible slate is extremely lightweight, very thin and therefore can be installed with minimum effort, not only on the wall but also on furniture pieces, doors or columns.

Chair cladded with Autumn SKIN Flexible slate

With proper aftercare, natural stone can withstand heavy traffic areas or hot and humid climates. We recommend professional solutions for the maintenance and cleaning of natural stone: it is a durable material with many qualities and requires minimum aftercare: waterproofing the surface with professional solutions will protect it from any damage while allowing it to breathe. Read also the article on Sealing, Cleaning and Maintenance Products for the Tile and Stone Market.

If your decoration project involves cladding the underfloor heating, you should know that natural stone is a slip-resistant material, able to absorb heat efficiently.

The most obvious feature of natural stone resides in its natural look: no matter what color or texture you neeed for your project, you can always find your ideal natural stone. Marble conveys luxury and elegance and is available in many soft shades: white, black, cream or gray, even purple or shades of blue.

King Blue Polished Marble

Travertine is one of the most popular natural stones, available in sallow shades and determined by finish (tumbled, polished, brushed etc.) it will match with any decoration project.

Find inspiration in our customer’s project with Greek Style bathroom design ideas

Classic Cross Cut Polished Travertine

Slate is a durable stone, available in amazing colors: cream, ochre, green, gray or black, for conveying a strong personality into the areas that use it.

Multicolored Tumbled Slate

Moreover, natural stone mosaics in amazing and elegant combinations with slate, marble, travertine or even semi-precious stone such as onyx, are available with fine prices and deliver maximum influence in your decoration project.

For DIY enthusiasts, natural stone panels are the perfect solution and determined by type and finish, are suitable for any design: simple, classic, minimalist, rustic, vintage or shabby chic.

Metaksi Quartzite Wall Cladding Panel

Natural stone’s beauty is undisputed: decoration projects with this material are warm and personal, banishing obscurity from any space and enhancing your home with subtle stories shaped by nature in thousands of years.

For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

Why you should use natural stone in your decoration project
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