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Sealing, Cleaning and Maintenance Products for the Tile and Stone Market

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Lately, customers are more focused on buying products for cleaning, sealing and aftercare of natural stone, such as limestone, sandstone, andesite, slate, gneiss, travertine, marble or granite.

Choose professional solutions for natural stone cleaning and aftercare!
Treating natural stone with a common solution may not always lead to the expected results. The Romanian market offers a limited range of products for this purpose and these are divided in 2 categories: professional products and low cost products, the latter with better chance of poor results in time. The last category is based on the same classic recipe, but with different scaling, thus resulting in poor results and sometimes no results at all.

Also, we have to make a clear distinction between natural stone sealing and natural stone lacquers available on the market from many suppliers, produced locally or imported. The practical experience and tests performed by qualified professionals in the field proved that natural stone lacquer is insulating the stone in such a way that it can no longer breathe and after many freeze-thaw cycles, cases of “stone explosion” have been reported (technically, the stone is disintegrating and is tearing apart).

Discover here our range of professional solution for Stone cleaning and sealing!

It is very important to highlight that ancient decoration projects with natural stone never needed any sealing and are still looking good. Every natural stone has a higher or lower porosity and for increasing lifetime and improving stain resistance, we recommend sealing (waterproofing).

Most of the sealing solutions are designed for qualified professionals, experts that maintain a close relationships with producers, aimed at preserving high standards of technical support and knowledge. These guiding lines are general and there are exceptions from these rules, both regarding materials and usage. Our highly trained personnel can offer you customized solutions, based on your requests.

Why it is recommended to seal natural stone?

There is a lot of debate regarding sealing natural stone, whether it should be sealed or allow it to develop naturally in time. And in here, the 2 main aspects refer to the surface that needs to be covered and the type of natural stone; waterproofing large areas can prove to be quite pricey, but effective from a technical point of view (durability for temperature changes and water absorption during rainy season) and also aesthetic (because it preserves its initial look). We absolutely recommend waterproofing (sealing) of sandstone, limestone, slate or any other type of natural stone with higher porosity.

How to establish natural stone porosity?
There is a very simple test for natural stone’s degree of porosity: over natural stone pour a teaspoon with water at room temperature. The water absorbed in 5 minutes indicates a stone with high porosity (you will need 3 or 4 coats of sealer), while the water absorbed in 15 minutes indicates a medium porosity, so you will need only 2 or 3 coats for sealing. The water absorbed in approximately 1 hour indicates a stone with low porosity, so you will need 1 or 2 coats of sealing solution. Ultimately, your choice depends entirely on the project. Standard sealing is usually attained with 1 or 2 coats of LTP Mattstone or, LTP Color Intensifier.
The next video is dedicated to natural stone cleaning and aftercare:

Like any other surface, natural stone requires specific maintenance. Suitable sealed surfaces are key for minimum aftercare in time. High-traffic areas will need more aftercare, compared to areas with low traffic.
The abrasive cleaners or cleaners based on acids should be avoided, because they can remove the treatment coat already applied on the installed stone, or in extreme cases, may lead to stone damaging. LTP Waxwash or LTP Floorshine are neutral cleaners, designed especially for regular aftercare, for completing LTP range of cleaners and sealers. Liquid insulating materials, such as LTP Mattstone, LTP Color Intensifier or LTP Ironwax Satin should be also used, part of the regular aftercare procedure. Once a month, add a full cup into a water bucket, for helping to seal the protective surface.
If you want to find out more on sealing and maintenance of natural stone, give us a call at +40318.222.333 or better visit our showroom from 137 A, Aleea Teisani, District 1, Bucharest, to see the concept spaces.

Sealing, Cleaning and Maintenance Products for the Tile and Stone Market
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