History of fine wall plaster

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History of fine wall plaster

Fine wall plaster is essential for construction and decoration projects. Being easy to prepare and having a simple composition qualifies it as the most important construction material. Weber BM15 is a fine wall plaster with an ideal composition for interior and exterior claddings. It is durable under low temperatures, allowing the wall to breathe. The fine wall plaster is used for levelling and finishing the plaster works.

The history of fine wall plaster composition
Since ancient times, fine plaster was used for construction and decoration works. During this period, fine plaster experienced several compositions models, from volcanic ash mixed with lime, passing through mud and clay, to finally obtain a composition consisting of gypsum and lime. The composition of Weber BM15 is an element of a constantly evolving process, because it introduces fresh elements, such as synthetic resins.

Nontoxic product
Composition of Weber BM15 fine wall plaster includes cement and synthetic resins, responsible for a good slip-resistance and an “easy to work with” feature. Also, another important quality is the nontoxic aspect.

Easy to use and to apply
First step in preparing the underlay is verifying the surfaces, which need to be clean, durable, slip-resistant, steady and with an age of maturation. If all these conditions are fulfilled, you can begin preparation. Water absorption is regulated by dampening the underlay. A 30 Kg sack of Weber BM 15 is mixed with 7 liters of clean water, until you have a uniform paste. Leave it like this for 5 minutes, then mix again. Finally, the plaster is ready and you can begin applying it. Apply manually with 2 – 5 mm coat. Next step is levelling; we recommend using a straight edge. The process is concluded with floating. It was used successfully for claddings, finishes, repair works and decorations projects.

24 hours protection
Because Weber BM15 has to be efficient, after applying the plaster, protect it against sunlight, rain and winds, for a 24 hours period. Optimum temperature for drying is between 3 and 30 °C.

The product is available at PIATRAONLINE and for a thicker surface, Weber BM15 has to be applied in coats.

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