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All decoration projects that use natural stone, terracotta, ceramic and porcelain tiles have to begin with a proper installation. So, the adhesive is very important and you should use professional (based on what you need: interior, exterior, underfloor heating etc.) and also working with experts in natural stone cladding. However, if you decide to install the stone by yourself, here is what you should know:

Installation procedure
Fix tiles with flexible adhesive, such as Weber.Set Marmo Plus for wet spaces or underfloor heating areas. The color of adhesive depends on stone color and grout; for example, when installing pale limestone we recommend white adhesive, for avoiding shadows or stains over stone surface.

Mix your adhesive according to user’s instructions, add powder in clean water and continue to mix until you have a smooth paste. Make sure you have enough mixed adhesive, suitable for your product. Underlay has to be clean, in good shape, dry and steady, while ceramic tiles surfaces must to be clean and free from grease, oils, dust or other impurities. Apply the adhesive on the surface with a grooved trowel. For larger tiles, apply adhesive on both underlay and back of the tile. Tiles are fixed on the contact surface by pressing gently until obtaining a plane surface. Do not exceed the time limit required for laying tiles in the adhesive.

Work on small areas and remove the excess adhesive, dried or in the process of getting dried. The back of some tiles, such as travertine for example, need to be levelled with adhesive. Make sure the adhesive is perfectly attached to the tile, without air bubbles. Remove the excess adhesive with a wet sponge, before it gets dried. If adhesive dries on the surface, it is much difficult to clean it. Do not step on tiles, before adhesive has dried. Drying time is usually 3 hours for fast drying adhesives or 4 hours for standard adhesives.
For uncalibrated natural stone tiles, you should use Weber P50 - Flexible white adhesive for insulating systems that levels thickness differences. Those differences are visible only when installing a size mix from an uncalibrated material.

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Natural stone adhesive
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