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The backsplash is a detail that creates a unique space. In your bathroom or kitchen, the backsplash creates a contrast between the countertop and the rest of your decoration project. Apart from the aesthetic feature, the backsplash also fulfills practical function, equally important: protecting the wall from dirt and protection against water. Although there are natural stone backsplash from tiles with different sizes, the mosaic backsplashes are extremely popular all over the world for the dynamic image and color variation transmitted into the space. Nowadays, with more available technology and the various sources for studying the installation procedures for backsplashes, you should attempt to do it if you have a passion for DIY projects.

If we consider the backsplash cladded with natural stone mosaics, the installation conditions are slightly different compared to other types of mosaics. Natural stone is a special material, so it has to be handled with maximum care. First of all, it matters how often you cook in the kitchen near the countertop (in the bathroom there is no such restriction). A cooking fan or a family who cooks a lot, have to choose a polished, honed, tumbled or brushed finish. Why? Because the finishes of these stone (hence the mosaic) are easier to maintain.

The mosaic can be installed piece by piece, but you have also pre-installed mosaics. This means that the pieces of mosaic come already attached to mesh structures, sizes up to 30 x 30 cm for assuring a proper, fast and easy installation on the underlay.

Prior to installation, check if the wall is level and flat and of course you should apply a waterproofing coat. The mosaic pieces must be washed, dry and free from impurities on the underside (unfinished). For a good grip, the adhesive layer should be applied both on the lower surface of the mosaic and on the underlay (cement, drywall etc.). The excess needs to be immediately wiped off with a sponge, because once hardened on the stone surface it will be more difficult to remove it.

The joints of the natural stone mosaic backsplashes have a strong influence on the overall layout of your decoration project. Because each stone has a unique interior texture, the joining of two pieces creates a unique combination of shades and veins. Therefore, it is recommended to install natural stone mosaic without joints, especially if the pieces are small. If the items of the mosaic are larger and the cladded surface is bigger, the joints will convey a pleasant appearance especially due to the geometry provided by the grout lines from the joints.

The color of the grout is also very important in shaping the entire ambience of the kitchen. You can choose a grout with the same color as the natural stone, or one with a different color. The contrast color of the grout may be associated with decoration, furniture, or another wall in the room.

After applying the grout to the joints, allow it to dry for 24 hours, then wash the natural stone and treated it with professional solutions from LTP UK. As soon as the mosaic is perfectly dry, its surface can be sealed with natural stone sealers such as LTP, a UK brand, worldwide famous for their high quality products. The waterproofing of natural stone is mandatory, especially in wet spaces, such as the backsplash in kitchen and bathroom.

For your backsplash in kitchen and bathroom you can choose from the many types of natural stone: marble, travertine, onyx, pebble, slate, limestone etc. Regardless of your choice, remember that natural stone - including backsplashes – conveys elegance into your decorated space associated with personality, special color variation and also a unique durability.


For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project, give us a call at +40318.222.333 or send us an e-mail at export@piatraonline.com.

Photo sources: fbspot.com, oregonmod.com, durafizz.com, lakepto.com

How to install natural stone mosaic tile
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