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Exterior finishes are very important for many different reasons. First, because such finishes increase building durability, then it is the appearance and last but not least it will have to perfectly match the environment. If you apply decorative plaster inside your house, matching with the ambience is not be that important. However, exterior finishes can be a problem when we need to match and combine different textures, colors, geometrical structures and proportions.

Under such circumstances, decorative plasters will play a very important part, because they transform into main accessories for exterior claddings with natural stone. Exterior decorative plaster is very durable against temperature variations, it is easy to wash and is available in a wide range of shades and colors.

Due to the wide color range, it is easier to be associated with any type of natural stone, by complementary relationship (close shades) or by contrast (different colors). The entire outdoor atmosphere of the house is managed by the mix between decorative plaster and areas cladded with natural stone: belts, supporting pillars, terrace, walkways, window decorative framings, window sills etc.

Attention! Before starting preparations to apply decorative plaster, you should read carefully the directions printed on the packaging box.

Minimum conditions before application
As an element of outdoor finish, the area with decorative plaster needs to fulfill some basic conditions: surface has to be dry, clean, smooth, durable, ungreased and with no dust. The new plasters require at least four weeks for drying and maturation. That is why summer is the most favorable time of the year for decoration projects: absence of rainfalls associated with high temperatures creates a faster and complete dry process for surfaces with decorative plaster.

Do not worry for areas that might be damaged. You can be fix them by leveling and applying a primer. In areas with re-applied plaster, allow a 3 days period for drying, then polish, clean the dust resulted from the polishing process and apply primer.

Applying decorative plaster used for outdoor finishes:
This method is very simple and includes the following steps:
1. spread a thin layer of material over a few meters surface. Use a stainless steel trowel for this.
2. level it
3. shape it
The desired shape is obtained with a plastic float (with linear or circular shape). The final appearance of exterior finish is determined by layer thickness and floating method.

Valuable tips for almost any type of outdoor finish:
1. Working temperature: +5°C and +30°C
2. Fresh plaster has to be protected until drying against sunlight, rainfalls or other weather conditions.
3. Used tools are washed immediately with water, after you are done.
4. When finished, close the bucket tight, because you do not want it to harden.

There are many types of decorative plaster used for exterior finish: acrylic (based on synthetic resins), mineral (white cement, lime, mineral additives, synthetic resins), silicate (acrylic and silicone resins, extra quartz and marble pellets), or “mosaic type”.

For further details on outdoor decorative plaster and natural stone, write us an email at export@piatraonline.com or give us a call at +40318.222.333.

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