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Interior wall cladding with decorative natural stone

publicat in: Living room // Publicata pe 19.04.2016

Here are some examples of interior walls cladding with decorative stone, mainly rustic look due to the splitface finish. If you plan to decorate your house with a similar cladding, you will find inspiration below, with the decoration projects of PIATRAONLINE’s customers.

Sunny Dream Splitface Marble has rusty inflections on a light-colored background – it can also be used for the exterior or for cladding a decorative wall of the terrace, for example: 

Fileti Tumbled Thassos Marble is a perfect fit for this kitchen dominated by the white color. The appearance of this type of marble is similar with Deco Brick – traditional decorative brick.

The Classic Splitface Travertine is a sure win choice – whether it is a bathroom wall (like the picture above) or a kitchen wall, living room wall or even a terrace wall, its warm colors and interesting texture are easily framed in  interior design style.

Do you like rustic touches in interior design? Read the article on French Rustic Interior Design!

Lemone Quartzite Wall Cladding Panel – is first of all very easy to install (like any wall cladding panel) and is available in shades of salt and pepper with rusty or grey-yellowish shades.

You can also read about a decoration project right in Downtown Bucharest, from the article The beauty of terrazzo tiles – Inspiration for a terrace wall

A different model of Classic Splitface Travertine is available with 5 cm width, conveying the same stylish, unmistakable style of this extremely popular material.

Noce Splitface Travertine is much closer to the earth tones yet retains the rustic look of travertine with a maximum effect in a decoration project.

Tips for choosing, installing and waterproofing your natural stone

The first step is to decide on a specific theme or look – here you can work with your interior designer on a moodboard and decide on a meaning for your space; a rustic-inspired living room will look different compared with a living room with industrial design, therefore you should focus on a single direction, in terms of style and also visual.

Start by visiting a natural stone showroom: you will have the opportunity to see natural stone highlighted in many ways, so you will be able to choose your favorite. We invite you to visit our website and order samples of natural stone; we deliver it right to your doorstep.

Discuss with an expert in natural stone! After adding 2-3 favorite materials on a list, a discussion with an expert can help, since he will advise you for taking the best decision with the quality-price ratio in mind. For example, most materials (either travertine, slate, marbles etc.) are available with different surface finishes, so that natural stone inspiration is highlighted by choosing the surface finish, which can be brushed, polished, honed or thumbled, a very easy choice, depending on your target.

Installing natural stone is not at all complex, there are only a few details to be observed, for avoiding the damage of natural stone.

1. Choose a team of experts in natural stone installation!

2. For protecting your surface, always waterproof it after installation.

3. Definitely, the biggest secret is the surface aftercare with neutral detergents (ex: LTP Waxwash, a highly concentrated product able to wash up to 700 sqm with a single liter of solution) and affordable price; in return you will notice the benefits when the surface is dried.

The installation department will implicitly handle the application of natural stone sealer over the entire stone surface, you simply need to provide it. Sealing your natural stone surface is a very important step, if you want an extended lifetime for your product – basically, you apply a protective film on the stone surface, for example creating a protecting barrier against stains.

Whether you are the project manager of your own decoration project or you hired an expert for this, we recommend discussing with suppliers for setting an installation date, corresponding to natural stone’s delivery time. We recommend assuming a margin of error of one day or two, to make sure everything undergoes perfectly.

For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

Interior wall cladding with decorative natural stone
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