French Rustic Interior Design

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French Rustic Interior Design

Rustic Provence Accents are gaining popularity in Romania thanks to a simple, warm and natural atmosphere associated with this interior design. Briefly, a couple of Campagne features for this type of interior design are: walls cladded with unfinished natural stone, solid wood beams for ceilings, usage of wrought iron (lighting objects or decorative elements) and also wood with raw look for furniture.

The interesting aspect of this approach is the fact that it is both simple and sophisticated. Organic materials, simple textures and earthy shades are lovely associated with vintage objects and smooth, sophisticated patterns, a combination from which it is very easy to create fresh notes.

Bord de mer
Perhaps the most popular French “Campagne” atmosphere is Provence, but there are more areas in France with a particular interior design.  For example, Bord de mer, certain areas from French seaside have as distinct feature accents of blue and white and aquatic designs: fishes, starfishes, seashells etc.

Another French touch can be found in wooden mountain houses with natural stone in its most unpolished state as the main point of attraction. For your wooden cabin, you can clad the walls and fireplace with a similar natural stone (for example, Fileti Sikis Mix Slate Strips or another type of decorative natural stone) for maintaining a coherent structure. Flooring is also important because as we already mentioned, French Pattern style is very popular, probably due to its unique and creative look.

Decoration projects with French rustic as source of inspiration will never include striking colors or artificial materials, nore sophisticated and difficult to maintain silk. Are only allowed simple and natural materials such as linen, cotton, hemp, wool or jute, all contributing to a relaxed, friendly and personal atmosphere.

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For this decoration project, earth tones are complemented by shades of lavender, yellow or orange. Houses from this region are almost entirely built or cladded with natural stone and walls have an organic look, with pale yellow shades. Furniture can be simple or painted in shades of green or blue and fabrics are often decorated with bees (symbol of Provence since Napoleon).

French Pattern Travertine Flooring, tumbled, with chiseled edges

In ancient times, Provence house flooring was usually made from terracotta tiles, later replaced by natural stone (Leonardo Travertine, French pattern, tumbled with chiseled edges can be a fine complement for such an interior), or Oriental Terrazzo tiles (for separating table area or playing the part of a carpet in living room) and during the last 200 years were used hexagonal tiles, also known as “tomettes”.

Other details
Outdoor dining is frequently in South of France, in the shape of a small terrace, with grape wine or roses as limits.

For the interior, an important detail is door decoration – either with ceramic plates hand painted, colored plates or old photographs.
For the kitchen, open shelves and area for hanging cooking pots will bring you closer to a personal zone, with interiors inspired by French rustic.
A massive natural stone sink, maybe with unfinished exterior, can be a showpiece in your bathroom or kitchen.
For kitchen, tiles with colored design could be a good idea. In case you want something simpler, you can try Sunny Dream Tumbled Marble with relaxing shades of beige and cream. 

Kitchen wall cladded with Sunny Dream Marble (tiles with 10 x 10 cm size)

Kitchen countertop can be cut-to-size especially for your kitchen, with a large range of materials to choose from: marble, travertine, limestone or granite (surfaces should be sealed for longer lifetime with perfect look). For further details, read the article on “Kitchen Countertop Ideas”.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your project, give us a call at +40318 222.333 or better visit our showroom to see the concept spaces!

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