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Bathroom Sink Buying Guide – Tips for Installing a Bathroom Sink

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A bathroom sink is the main water source in the area, therefore you have to be careful, although it is not as complicated as it may seem. In case you’re not so comfortable with this, nor have the right tools, we recommend to hire an expert. Before installation, make sure the chosen model matches with furniture and decorative objects in your bathroom.


1. Wall-mounted bathroom sink

2. Console bathroom sink

3. Bathroom sink installed on brackets

4. Vanity bathroom sink

5. Vessel bathroom sink

6. Undermount bathroom sink

7. Double sink bathroom

8. Freestanding bathroom sink


A bathroom sink (washbasin) is chosen according to several aspects, such as:

• mechanic factors – size is essential for a perfect fit in your bathroom space

• installation – the options are: semi pedestal bathroom sinks,  vessel / undermount bathroom sinks, vanity bathroom sinks, freestanding bathroom sinks. For situations where you have only one option for installation and this cannot be changed, this will decide your choice.

• personal choice – style and appearance are indicating customer’s preference, yet this is rather a subjective choice which should be considered, because those will shape the ambience for end users.


Based on these aspects, there are several types of bathroom sinks:


1. Wall-mounted bathroom sink

There are 2 variations to this bathroom sink:

• Wall-mounted freestanding bathroom sink – you have a separate element, which is the sink’s foot attached to sink’s body. Bathrooms sink is supported by its foot (such sinks have a ditch underneath their body for attaching foot’s upper end) which is also attached to the wall. Foot and bathrom sink are made from the same material.



For attaching sink to the wall, you need to:

A) measure 85-90 cm size from flooring to wall (foot is smaller); this is the installing location of your washbasin.

b) using a crayon / marker pen, make a sign on the wall at the upper edge of bathroom sink.

c) measure with a tape measure / ruler the distance between the upper edge and default hole(s) resulted from the manufacturing process.

D) with this value in mind repeat the procedure for installation holes (mark all holes to be drilled).

e) make a sign with a crayon / marker pen. Specific sets are used for installation, which looks like the one in the picture.

f) drill matching size holes and insert dowels.

g) place sink on the wall (begin by placing the foot on the floor).

h) check smoothness with spirit level. Mark holes to be drilled.

i) drill holes and insert dowels.

j) put screws in dowels.

k) place foot in position, lay sink on it, inserting end of the screws into sink’s body.

l) fasten with nuts by screwing. Check smoothness again before screwing.

m) apply silicone over sink’s edges (the edges in contact with the wall).


• Wall-mounted and semi pedestal bathroom sink – designed to conceal the drain trap. Repeat the previously described steps for installation, except the fact that bathroom sink is not supported by foot, but attached to the wall. For this reason, wall must be steady (made from brick or AAC). The semi pedestal, made from the same material as the sink, is attached to the wall; some versions are attached to the sink body, others don’t.


2. Console bathroom sink

This solution is recommended for drywalls not steady enough for supporting sink’s weight. Console is usually made of chrome plated metal, it is attached to the wall and supported on flooring. Bathroom sink touches the wall and is directly supported by console.


3. Bathroom sink installed on brackets

The version is recommend for drywalls which are not steady enough for supporting sink’s weight. Bathrom sink is attached to a metallic structure, 2-3 mm thick. Bracket is attached to flooring and to metallic structure from behind the wall or to a masonry wall built behind the drywall. This version and fastening technology are not so different compared to classic technology.  


4. Vanity bathroom sink

This bathroom sink sits over the furniture and was customized to match it. Bathroom sink is not attached to the wall, but comes in contact with it. All types of bathroom sinks presented so far have the sink faucet installed on the sink.


Installation instructions: 

• put the screw within sink faucet’s body, by screwing. Necessary tools: tongue-and-groove plier and cross head screwdriver.

• connect to water hose and attach them to sink faucet by screwing.

• insert sink faucet into default sink hole.

• attach gasket to sink’s body then, put a metal piece for both hose and screw for attaching the sink faucet to sink’s body. Sink faucet is attached to sink’s body with a nut screwed using a tubular wrench.

• install valve in drain hole. Attach rubber gasket under bathrom sink, then plastic gasket using a nut.



5. Vessel bathroom sink

These versions are based on a series of materials: ceramics / sanitary porcelain, glass, laminated wood, natural stone, composite. Regardless of sink material, you have to cut out countertop for installing the valve. There are sinks with bottom holes for installation, others types of sinks sit on countertop by their own weight or with the attached valve. The valves used for this bathroom sinks are click-clack type (pressing once for close, pressing twice for open). If bathroom sink has cutout for installation, proceed as instructed before. Vessel bathroom sinks have to be installed attached to the wall or over the countertop.


Attach sink faucet to the wall as follows:  

• extend hoses to reach the sink faucet. For this, drill the wall up to the needed depth and connect pipes to water supply.

• install sink faucet’s bracket at pipe’s end.

• add gasket and seal with sanitary silicone.

• install sink faucet.


Use a hole saw for countertop cutout, then install sink faucet (35 mm diameter); attach sink faucet and connect it to the water supply similar with installing sink faucet on a bathroom sink.


6. Undermount bathroom sink

These are bathroom sinks with atypical installation. Vessel bathroom sinks have protruding edge installed from top to bottom in a countertop cutout. Cutout is narrower compared to sink’s diameter, so that it sits over countertop by leaning on the edge. Sink faucet is installed over the countertop or attached to the wall. Only drain trap is connected to the bathroom sink.  Seal the contact area between bathroom sink and countertop with sanitary silicone. Undermount bathroom sink is attached by binding in a countertop cutout. Binding adhesive should be strong and waterproof. Cutout has round, square, rectangular or oval shape. You have sink faucet with vessel bathroom sink over the countertop or attached to the wall. 


7. Double sink bathroom

These are either installed on console or vanity. There are double bathroom sinks from the same piece of material (usually acrylic or composite). Depending on weight, these can be attached to the wall or installed on a console.


8. Freestanding bathroom sink

Sanitary acrylic, natural stone or composite, this bathroom sink is supported by flooring; for drainage you need to connect a hose to the drain trap (32-40 mm diameter). As already discussed, sink faucet is attached to the wall or over flooring. For installing the sink faucet over flooring, you need to connect the water hose beneath flooring.  


PIATRAONLINE recommends natural stone bathroom sinks for decoration projects of unique beauty. We invite you to visit our website, for reviewing our bathroom sinks collection and we can guarantee you an amazing experience, thanks to our wide color range and unique textures.

Bathroom Sink Buying Guide – Tips for Installing a Bathroom Sink
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