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Discover the amazing collection of natural stone bathroom sinks

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Natural stone for bathroom sinks


The intense power of natural stone is undisputed, similar to the relaxing efficiency of your bathroom. This intimate space is typical for you, as an area for analyzing your thoughts after a long day, with a special feature: it can be transformed into an artwork. You would definitely stay away from using luxury in designing your bedroom furniture – because furniture should invite to sleep, right? What about the living room? Maybe, a few touches of originality and nonconformism. Nevertheless, bathroom is the place for experimenting – in fact, whatever makes you feel good.


The market for bathroom furniture is very crowded. There are many materials able to transform your bathroom into a genuine retreat, inviting to relaxation. However, one material is far more suggestive than any other: natural stone. You're probably considering ways for using natural stone for flooring or cladding. But, we're telling you that you don't have to limit yourself to this – wouldn't you like to choose a natural stone bathroom sink?


The rockstar of your bathroom


Bathroom sinks are really works of art. Sink installation in bathroom: vessel, undermount or freestanding can only lead to a single conclusion: these are both design elements and functional elements. Of course we don't really need a bathroom sink for washing our hands, because we could also do in the bathtub, right? A bathroom sink will complement the room, conveying personality and creative energy.


These aspects are perfectly expressed only by natural stone. An elegant, yet powerful material, a plain detail in its display, natural stone manages to transform any element it represents into a genuine work of art. Now, the only thing left is to begin looking for the rockstar that will highlight your bathroom.



Art in round shape


The round shaped bathroom sinks come with brightness and space for your bathroom. Whether you want to bring nature into this space with marble, travertine, limestone, granite or onyx, all these natural stones are available in an extremely wide range of designs and colors. You will definitely find your perfect bathroom sink, for complementing the ambience already shaped by other elements.



Autograph from your sink


Autograph Collection of bathroom sinks is an instant reminder of art. Atypical shapes, with creative and nonconformist look, will complement your custom ambience. These are recommended for a minimalist, industrial design but also for a traditional / rustic design. The unique design of these bathroom sinks expresses the unique character of each and every one of us. Every bathroom sink from this collection is like a stone autograph – it will definitely turn into the star of your house, not only the bathroom’s.



Freestanding bathroom sink – independent element


The freestanding bathroom sinks are exotic elements for underlining your nonconformist personality. A freestanding bathroom sink conveys a feeling of stability and self confidence, making the space larger than it actually is and the natural stone allows a detailed expression of your personality. Freestanding bathroom sinks are made of travertine (for a warm look), marble (for highlighting elegance and luxury) or onyx (a semi-precious stone with unique accents).



Straight lines for square bathroom sink


The square bathroom sinks underline with straight lines, the natural, raw, authentic nature of stone. Design feels realistic due to the straight lines of the bathroom sink, underlining the gravity and rigour of your decoration project. Straight lines transmit an area of masculinity and industrial concept. However, room ambience can be tamed by the chromatic warmth of stone used for making the square bathroom sink. Travertine is the best choice, with its soft cream shades.



What accents do you want to into your barthroom? Do you prefer it to convey power and domination, or do you want it to be a warm and inviting space?


Whatever design is most representative for you, natural stone fits your personality. Natural stone bathroom sinks become the rockstar of your bathroom and you will feel like an art gallery every time you step into your personal space.

Discover the amazing collection of natural stone bathroom sinks
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