Polished Floors in Bathrooms?

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Polished Floors in Bathrooms?

One of the misconceptions regarding natural stone floors is the slippery aspect, which qualifies them as unsuitable for bathrooms. However, such a misconception is based on a fact: it is recommended to avoid installing glossy natural stone (with polished finish) in bathrooms, unless treated according to the description below. So a polished surface becomes slip-resistant with special treatments, while adding personality and making the bathroom more elegant.

So, how much slippery is natural stone in wet spaces? For this, we need to consider more aspects.

First, we introduce SCOF (static coefficient of friction), defined as the force needed for moving a static object on a given surface. Therefore, the factors of analysis in floors are: pushing force, type of footwear sole and stone surface. The architects, entrepreneurs and contractors take much into consideration the floor friction coefficient, because in case of going to trial, SCOF is one of the ruling factors. SCOF is established after some scientific tests and the minimum accepted figure for slipping resistance is 50.

SCOF test is always performed on a dry surface, considering that any wet tile will have a significantly lower friction resistance.

For analyzing SCOF depending on the type of finish, we selected travertine as example:
- polished tiles have SCOF between 40 and 50, which means that they are very slippery
- honed tiles have a larger friction resistance, between 40 and 60, which means that tiles smoothly honed have values closer to values of glossy tiles
- textured tiles – tumbled and brushed – have the highest slip resistance, with SCOF values between 50 and 70.

So, the bigger is the figure, the less slippery is the stone.

And even though these are generally accepted figures (at least in the US) measuring slip-resistance is not a very exact process: a test on the same tile can lead to different figures for different test.

In this case, we can raise the slip-resistance of a natural stone flooring by using non-slip solutions and/or sealing solutions which can add to the slip-resistance feature. So, keep all these in mind, ask experts in natural stone, get in touch with us by email: export@piatraonline.com, phone: +40318.222.333 or visit our showroom from 137 A, Aleea Teisani, District 1, Bucharest. In here, you will discover many natural stone products used all over the world since the ancient times. Next, you can find examples of products from natural stone used for bathroom flooring.

Black Tumbled Marble Mini French Pattern 1 cm

Maron Emperador Polished Marble 60 x 30 x 2 cm

Classic Cross Cut Brushed & Chiseled Travertine French Pattern Set 1.2 cm

Silver Polished Slate 60 x 30 cm

Naturella Tumbled Marble 10 x 10 x 1 cm

Mix Marble Polished Mosaic 2.3 x 2.3 cm

Photo source: thespruce.com, piatraonline.ro and piatraonline.com

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