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4 Tips for choosing a granite countertop and bathroom sink for your bathroom

publicat in: Bathroom // Publicata pe 04.04.2018

Choosing a granite countertop and bathroom sink for your bathroom


How to choose a granite countertop and bathroom sink for bathroom?

The design of your bathroom requires durability, therefore natural stone is the obvious choice. Because bathroom is a place that inspires feeling of authenticity, without inhibitions, it will also inspire us for being ourselves, while stimulating our creative spirit, so that natural stone is perfectly integrated into any bathrom decoration project. Whether we need it for flooring or walls, or even natural stone furniture pieces, one thing is certain: this will add a personal touch into your bathroom.


photo source: teamhay.com


A granite bathroom sink is an excellent idea for a bathroom highlighted by your personality. The wide range of granite shades is a perfect fit for a lot of materials, therefore such an element complements the already existing design. Nevertheless, how to make sure granite is ideal for your new bathroom? Here are some practical tips and ideas for implementing.


1. Keep in mind the size

Granite sinks are available in different size. For example, Padang Yellow Bathroom Sink, 42 cm diameter and 14 cm height or Fantastico Juparana Bathroom Sink. This is ideal for both small and large bathrooms, because it will save space, yet is sufficiently big for turning it into the main element of the room.


                  Padang Yellow Bathroom Sink                                                                           Fantastico Juparana Bathroom Sink


When choosing a granite bathroom sink, think about the size because this needs to balance your bathroom. An extra large sink would create inbalance; a modest size bathroom sink will lose aesthetic value and would not be highlighted. Nevertheless, granite countertop can be ordered custom size. That is why, it is recommended to decide on the sink first, then the countertop, to be able to determine the ideal thickness.


2. Do not forget the importance of design

Granite is a material available in a soft chromatic diversity. Different shades reveal different looks of the same sink, based on the exposure of light, while creating a chromatic game of exquisite elegance.


A granite countertop conveys elegance to any sink, just like natural stone or any other material. Design of your stone elements is important, because it will influence distinctly the entire decoration. Versatility is one of granite’s benefits, the fact that it an easy-to-match material, in any combination of shapes and textures.


photo source: httphtsrec.com


3. Match the items with your favorite style

Traditional or Mediterranean, but also classic or state-of-the-art regardless of the style you choose for decorating your bathroom and house, your granite will fit perfectly. The shape of your sink or countertop’s are just another features to consider besides the already existing style. Whether you choose a round sink, whether it will be square or rectangular, the geometry will influence the ambience.


You can choose a granite countertop with creative shape, because it can be custom size to your preference. Thus, if you decide for a conventional shape sink or a neutral color, you can match it with a countertop in different shapes, which will transform your bathroom into a genuine work of art.


4. What to choose: vessel or undermount bathroom sink?

These days, there is a wide range of bathroom countertops available. Some of them are intended for vessel mount, others are free-standing or wall mount. There are also semi-recessed sinks, for maintaining the straight lines of your bathroom, while keeping everything on the inside.


Whether you opt for a vessel mount bathroom sink or a semi-recessed bathroom sink, one thing is sure: the countertop is essential. Therefore, all you have to do is decide what type of sink you want, then choose the countertop accordingly.


If you still thinking about the type of sink and countertop you choose for your bathroom, you should know granite is very durable. This material has an extended lifetime, will not scratch or stain – which is essential in a bathroom, because it is subjected to the action of both detergents and other cleaning solutions – they have anti-abrasion properties and extended durability against acidic substances.


At the same time, aftercare of your bathroom granite elements is essential, by using solutions for sealing and surface cleaning, designed for natural stone. Thus, you will preserve their initial appearance and enjoy an extended lifetime.

4 Tips for choosing a granite countertop and bathroom sink for your bathroom
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