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We must admit that lately, bathrooms shifted from being exclusively an area for basic needs, into a private sanctuary, a personal spa focused mainly on relaxation. The bathroom has turned into an area for relieving your daily stress with long and pleasant soaks in the bathtub, while reading your favorite book, sipping from a wine glass. The bathroom should be your personal space, where you are not supposed to play any role. Considering all these things, the bathroom decoration projects or old bathroom remodeling projects into a personal spa, should keep in mind the two purposes of every element – a practical purpose and a relaxation purpose.


We are bombarded every day with enough information, so we should have plenty of ideas, yet, maybe this is too much, since we are not able to choose or to find out our needs. We usually fall in love with the bathrooms featured in glossy many magazines, but this could be over budget or limited by the available space. Especially for you and your home, we have selected the most important trends and ideas for bathroom decoration, for #generatinginspiration:


1. Mediterranean Bathroom Design: the most popular in the Romanian market


As much as we would like to believe otherwise, studies indicate that Romanian market is in love with Mediterranean design. The shades of cream, beige and white that match any other colors, and even with other natural materials, are the most popular. In terms of natural stone, the travertine meets these needs, with a warm range of color variation. However, you can achieve amazing results with this material. The travertine is quite special, as a porous material with minor flaws – called holes – on the surface, but this is a feature and a detail that makes it perfect.


Natural stone bathroom decoration project will transform your space into an oasis of relaxation, bringing you closer to nature’s tranquility. You can have a classic vein cut (honed) travertine flooring – highlighted by a cut made alongside vein, for underlining the material’s natural texture. For wall cladding you can use Noce Cross Cut Tumbled Travertine, 10 x 10 x 1 cm size, which adds a vintage touch to your decoration project.


Another important element of our bathroom is the bathroom sink – an object for washing away everything, except the sins. Choosing your bathroom sink is also essential. What about natural stone features? Relaxation, design, natural beauty, originality, durability. If you have enough space, you can choose a Freestading travertine bathroom sink, part of the collection with the same name. This will give you extra space, since you will not need a countertop for support. And their beauty is unique. Aftercare is simple, as long as you are use professional solutions for natural stone and besides, waterproofed surface are very durable against deposits, scratches and any other agents.


Besides natural stone, do not forget the vital elements – plants. If you're still dream about the Greek bathroom sfrom your holiday, you can replicate those in your bathroom!


2. Minimalist Style Bathrooms: harmony of black and white


Apparently, every year the architecture and interior design trends are reinventing, however it is only a fusion of earlier styles, reinterpreted for today. This daring combination of black and white is very popular and pleases many tastes, styles and needs - from elegant, sumptuous, imposing spaces to industrial, minimalistic areas. Of course, this is a very daring choice – the spaces are expressive and these two noncolors represent absolutely different personalities, but together are perfect for your bathroom.


The target is a sanctuary of relaxation in which we feel as timeless as natural stone. This perfect pair of black and white will give you the space and elegance you've only noticed in glossy magazines. A style breaking the space barrier, also ideal for kitchen or living room. For your bathroom walls you can use Thassos Fileti Tumbled Marble, which will bring you that unconventional air in your bathroom, much needed during relaxation moments and associated with Nero Riven Slate for flooring, it will deliver your dream space. Also, for complementing the space you can add a countertop from Nero Marquina Polished Marble and a bathroom sink from the same material. If you want to further emphasize the contrast between these two, you can use cufflinks – except not those from your shirt, but natural stone cufflinks.


A bathroom decoration project could be time consuming, if you don't know what you want. But when you start to know yourself and your needs, the materials and items you need will only be accessories. Natural materials – such as natural stone, wood and plants – are perfect for any project and space. The quality and the story conveyed can not be transmitted by any other material.


3. Bright colored baths – bathroom decoration project with terrazzo


If the Mediterranean style is maybe too conventional for you and the combination of black and white is boring and too dull, maybe you'll want something more colorful, more active. As we already mentioned, personal spaces reflect your personality. And if you're an energetic person, terrazzo tiles are ideal for your bathroom. Apart from bright colors, terrazzo tiles are also highlighted by Oriental patterns, recommended for both cladding and flooring, to banish monotony and reject the conventional. Terrazzo tiles have not the elegance of marble or the beauty of the travertine, but it will display a joy of intense shapes and colors, relaxing in any moment you find for yourself.




In terms of terrazzo bathroom decoration projects, consider durability and minimum aftercare – they have a lifetime of decades, perhaps centuries if properly cared for, with professional solutions. Moreover, water drops do not penetrate surface, do not get stained and there is no danger of developing bacteria. Unlike other types of synthetic materials, terrazzo tiles do not release any type of volatile organic compound and they often contain recycled materials.


4. SKIN flexible slate – bathroom decoration project with "stone wallpaper"


Forget everything you knew about natural stone and discover SKIN flexible slate. Yes, natural stone can be flexible and processed so thin as to resemble a wallpaper. For producing this material only the most amazing slate blocks are chosen, with the fiber backing for SKIN flexible slate poured in liquid shape on stone block. The resulting sheets are peeled manually. So, we get a 100% natural stone sheet, 2 mm thickness and 1.5 kg/sqm that can be installed on almost any surface – wood, MDF (medium density fibreboard), particleboard, concrete and ceramics. But the most important thing is the fact that SKIN slate can be installed on curved and atypical surfaces.


The shower enclosure is an example of ideal flexible slate project cladding, especially highlighted by its minimum weight, therefore minimum pressure is exterted on walls and the fact that sheets are almost waterproof by nature makes them perfect for wet spaces, after applying professional sealing solutions over the surface. Besides, the modern, exotic and unique elegance conveyed into the area is more than obvious.


Due to flexibility and its original quality, slate can be used for cladding furniture or bathroom countertop. There are 18 shades available, fir choosing the perfect one for your project. With this "natural stone wallpaper", your bathroom will have a genuine impact design. You will significantly reduce shipping costs, because of low weight and moreover, it is also easy to install. All you need is adhesive, such as Soudal Fix All and plenty of creativity!


5. Stone mosaic bathroom design  


You might think that it is possible to complete such ideas only with professional assistance, however you only need materials, tools and a lot of patience for creating your own mosaic artwork. Since ancient times, mosaic was fascinating due to its particular aesthetics and freedom of creation. There are mosaics from all natural stones: granite, marble, travertine, onyx, limestone and pebble. Although it can be installed piece by piece, modern technology introduced pre-assembled mosaic on a meshed back-sheet (30.5 x 30.5 cm), resulting a very fast and convenient installation. In terms of finishes, mosaics can be polished, splitface and tumbled.


6. Bathroom decoration tips with no bathtub


Yes, there are alternatives for small bathrooms, optimizing the available space as much as possible. If you want something more spectacular and more durable than shower enclosures, you should opt for travertine/marble shower trays. For several hundred years, natural stone shaped a reputation of ideal material for wet spaces, such as bathrooms or swimming pools. A natural material will always bring a touch of class, creating an authentic atmosphere in any bathroom design you choose. The natural stone is very durable and easy to care for in the long term, however, for taking advantage of its durability it will need a correct treatment. A natural stone shower tray has other features besides durability and easy aftercare. The organic beige shades of "cappuccino" marble convey calm and relaxation, while the “latte” shades of travertine will create your very own piece of heaven. These warm colors are a perfect fit for wood (natural or wenge), but also combined with wrought iron or chromed elements.


Choosing a marble or travertine shower tray for a bathroom decoration project will create an intimate and personal space. It will help you obtain the needed ambient for getting rid of daily stress and taking time for yourself.


7. Ceramic tiles bathroom decoration project


Modern trends include alternatives for bathroom decoration projects you could consider, besides the common ceramic tile. Natural stone is a much more creative and beautiful solution, because a natural material cannot be replaced by any other material. Another advantage would be the versatility of natural stone, from the smallest shapes (travertine/marble mosaics), to the largest (Arabescato/Aphrodite marble slabs), many sizes for helping you complete all creative ideas. Nevertheless, the most important aspect would be the natural beauty of stone and the universe brought to your home. Nature has a wide color range available for bathroom decoration projects, but it will particularly provide that most wanted touch of originality.


8. Tips for bathroom decoration based on your style


Apparently, a house will reflect the image of its residents, therefore it is always recommended to consider your personality rather than focus on trends. Your house is a relaxing space, where you want to feel comfortable and safe, therefore each element should be your personal extension.


A bathroom decoration project to match your personality will not be difficult if you know what you want and the space you need. People passionate about trends can have a modern design for their bathroom. These modern bathrooms are highlighted by perfect, straight geometric lines and minimal colors. Nero Marquina Marble is a natural stone that will fit perfectly into your modern bathroom and can be used for flooring or cladding. For furniture you can choose natural colors or gray/black shades with simple design and straight lines, able to optimize your space. This setting can be complemented with some green plants and a natural light for creating the natural atmosphere of your space.


If you have a creative spirit that prefers a free spirit ambience, then vintage should definitely be your choice. Classical elegance, style and natural materials should not miss. Wood for furniture, perhaps Calacatta Lilac marble for flooring and walls, pastel colors, floral elements and vintage accessories. The furniture can be made from a treated old wood, whether you have some elements from your grandmother and you decide to refurbish them, or you can find something to use in antique shops. However, in this setting, the natural stone will find a place of its own and will even bring an added value to your bathroom design.


9. Important aspects in the design of a bathroom


Light and lighting sources


The flooring and walls of a bathroom are not the only elements you need to keep in mind when decorating a bathroom. Light and lighting objects are very important aspects in the design of a bathroom and if the space lacks natural light you will need to find the best solutions for creating this setting with lighting objects. The lighting objects coming from the ceiling are ideal for illuminating the entire room from above and you can even include some in the shower/bathroom area. Considering there is a mirror in every bathroom, a lighting system installed above will be of great help. In the end, you can install a dimmer, for helping you adjust lighting, based on your need and mood.


Plants and natural stone


These two elements are intimately connected with our true nature. A bathroom decoration project can have multiple combinations, yet natural materials transmit positive energy, inducing a state of tranquility and relaxation. Plants and floral elements will balance the bathroom energies, illuminating the bathroom and the small natural stone decorations for bringing you closer to your nature and yourself. A bathroom design is as important as a bathroom decoration.


Each element belonging to this space should have a purpose – whether it is aesthetic or functional and together, can contribute to a positive, relaxing, intimate and personal space. Regardless of design and available space, you should always use natural materials for your bathroom decoration project – the emotion conveyed by natural materials is genuine and unmatched by any other materials. Colors also contribute to your mood, however if you want a relaxation oasis you should use the most natural colors, shades of greys and pastel colors. Besides the bathroom decoration project, natural stone will generate inspiration in your projects, bringing a part of nature’s tranquility into your home.

Bathroom decoration projects: 9 trendy ideas
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