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Benefits of marble or travertine shower trays

publicat in: Bathroom // Publicata pe 29.03.2018

Benefits of marble or travertine shower trays


When you think about your home, you automatically imagine comfort. "Home" is the place where you come back after a long working day for recharging your batteries. Alongisde your loved ones, “suppliers” of positive energy, home becomes more than just a place – it's a mirror reflecting your inner world.


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Your bathroom decoration project should be approached keeping in mind the status of the most important room in the house. This is whre it begins and ends your day, no matter when you get back home. What does your bathroom look like? Does it says you? Is it full of inspiration like you, inviting to relaxation, as you would like? We imagined the water for washing away the daily stress, so that you’ll have no fatigue after a long and warm shower.


A shower tray is the main area of interest in your bathroom. So, a marble / travertine shower tray is meant purely for complementing your relaxation / recovery area. Nevertheless, you will find a couple of advantages while using natural stone in your bathrom for your shower tray.


Natural and durable stone right at your feet


For centuries, natural stone is famous as the perfect material for wet spaces, such as bathrooms or swimming pools. A natural material will always bring refinement, by creating an authentic ambience in any space that uses it. Natural stone is very durable and requires minimum aftercare on long term, but you should apply the right surface treatment for ensuring its durability.


photo source: stoneartskenya.com


When choosing a marble or travertine shower tray for your bathroom, you are basically making sure you have a shower tray for life. Just like any natural material, only slightly processed, there is a chance that certain factors may interfere with its quality. Therefore, if you pay more attention when you are installing your shower tray, you will enjoy an extended lifetime.


Easy aftercare


The initial aftercare of your natural stone shower tray includes removing grout scraps or other deposits. Subsequently, you will use professional solutions for surface sealing. There are sealing agents that will enhance color, other sealers offer a “just washed” look and others will not have any influence on the appearance. No matter the look you plan for your bathroom shower tray, one thing is certain: if you seal it properly, you will benefit from an easier aftercare on the long run.



So, sealing procedure will block the surface pores, not allowed stains to penetrate deep within surface and thus influencing its structure. After making sure you have effectively sealed your shower tray, you are allowed to use special detergents for natural stone. These will not influence the internal structure or appearance of natural stone, compared to other products that might transform their look in contact with stone surface.


Keep in mind: acid products attack natural stone, therefore is important to care for it properly, instead of caring it on a long term, thus being able to enjoy an extended lifetime.


Nature colors in your bathroom


Durability and easy aftercare are not the only benefits of using this for a bathroom shower tray. Natural shades of beige "cappuccino" marble convey a feeling of tranquility, while the "latte" shades of travertine will make you feel like your own corner of heaven. These warm colors are a perfect fit for wood (natural or wenge), but also wrought iron or chromed plated elements.



Travertine is also available in classic or "silver" shades, perfect for a modern space bathroom with slightly masculine touch. Travertine’s silver shade conveys a pleasant and imposing hardness, transforming the shower tray of your bathroom into the star of the room. This option is a perfect fit for beige or cream furniture touches or different warm / pastel colors.


photo source: knowhunger.org


Choosing a marble or travertine shower tray will transform your bathroom into a lovely space. Most important, however, is the fact that such a piece invites relaxation into your bathroom, thus shaping the needed ambience after a hectic day. Its durability, associated with a facile aftercare and natural colors, transforms a marble or travertine shower tray into an element with extremely high positive energy, but also with a special expressive force.

Benefits of marble or travertine shower trays
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