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Interior Design: 9 luxury bathrooms with natural stone

publicat in: Bathroom // Publicata pe 22.12.2017

Before reviewing some design suggestions for decoration project of bathrooms with natural stone, we need to clarify the "luxury" expression. Although, in most cases, the word "luxury" is automatically associated with expensive materials, this is not always true. A luxurious design that impresses with a high class look does not always involve expensive products, unreachable for many of us.

At the same time, we also have to be realistic, most of the products that look good have a higher price, but that does not mean that you have to mortgage your house for decorating your bathroom.

Photo 1 - Bathroom with spotlight on the marble-cladded wall

As we have explained on this blog several times, a room with a distinct air, whether it's a bathroom, a desk or a dining room, depends on how the materials are combined, how the furniture interacts, chromatically and texturally, with walls and floor. In Romania, there is still confusion between elegance and excess material and colors.

We understand that the Balkan and Oriental vision is still very active in the subconscious of the Romanians, as we also understand that the characters targeted by our press exhibit some taste in interior design more than doubtful, that is why we are trying here on the PIATRAONLINE blog to promote arrangements with a special look, in line with the aesthetics of our time. In this article we offer some images of contemporary luxury bathrooms.

Photo 2 - Bathroom dominated by rich marble vein

One of the prejudices regarding luxury bathrooms refers to the size of the rooms. It is believed that a stylish bathroom, uncluttered from a chromatic point of view, must be a large one in which we can park a large SUV, even two. Totally wrong. In the above photos you can see two small, bright, comfortable, sophisticated bathrooms.

Marble plays the leading role here and, as one can easily observe, we do not even have to clad the whole room with natural stone. We simply have to leave space for the cladded area so that stone can "breath" across the whole setting.

Note that the effect of relaxed ambience, similar in both rooms, is achieved by different "lighting" techniques for space illumination. In Photo 1 we have bright beams that make use of stone veins, while the second (Photo 2) benefits from a "bathing" of natural light, working as a bridge between the white marble and the white of the walls (a similar example with the decoration from the Photo 3).

Photo 3 - The dynamics of this decoration is conveyed by the small size of the marble slabs

Photo 4 - A room where the white of the marble walls is even better emphasized by the black marble pedestal

Photo 5 - Another example of decoration where white marble is characterized by the contrast offered by the black color of the furniture

The luxury bathroom images in Photo 4 and Photo 5 will undoubtedly fit into the class of luxury baths. But keep an eye on how many walls are left uncladded! And here marble is fundamentally imprinted on space. Besides, the color contrast between the two terms - black and white - defines not only a modern style, but also an environment in which the look rests instantly because the eyes are not subjected to any chromatic aggression. The bathroom must be a space of relaxation, right?

Photo 6 - Fine marble assisted by the white ceiling counterbalance the glitter of the furniture

Natural stone has always matched perfectly with wood. For most, a "luxury bathroom" looks exactly like the room in Photo 6. Yes, it is definitely a luxury bathroom that required an above average investment. Although the wood draws here the guiding line of the ensemble, the marble floor creates the base and, at the same time, the background on which the furniture is projected.

Photo 7 - A bathroom cladded with travertine needs a well-proportioned color spot

If in Photo 6 the cost of decoration falls into a higher price class, in Photos 7 things are totally different. Cladding walls and floor with travertine, ceiling and white bathroom, plus small light bulbs - all these carefully blended elements create a super stylish design. Notice again the two major colors - cream and white - plus the chromatic accent brought by the black from the mirror frame. Besides, in many pictures of luxury baths in recent years you will notice the major function attributed to a differentiating color accent.

Photo 8 - The marble tile in the front created a chromatic dialogue with the picture from the far plan

Minimalism in a luxury bathroom. Here we have a new proof that luxury does not mean opulence, as we see in the homes of many Romanians who have purchased expensive items and loaded their space with countless different textures and colors (a tedious and embarrassing pack). This agglomeration tightens the eye, thus blocking access to visual comfort, relaxation.

Black tiles become an almost equal partner of the white color from the other half of the room. We say "almost" because the black frame around the bathtub allows the marble countertop to stand out, to vibrate relaxingly. The marble countertop supports, along with the small rectangle on the front wall, the central axis of the room.

Photo 9 - A classic bathroom example where space is built on the perfect relationship between white marble and black marble

We come back to this last example at a sumptuous luxury bathroom where white marble is "embraced" by black marble, in a communion mediated by light play. Sober, imposing and refined design that relies on the quality of marble to fill delicately the spaces without the right to appeal.

Even here the room is not too large, the dimensions of the room in the photo being frequently found in the homes built by the Romanians in recent years. But what a huge difference between the design of the above bathroom and the choices of these house owners, which, to be sincere, they miss everything but the budget!

So luxurious bathrooms decorated with natural stone are not necessarily made with a lot of money, but with taste, as long as you ask professional advice from a designer or an architect.

Photo sources: artichoke-ltd.com, behance.net, designingidea.com

Interior Design: 9 luxury bathrooms with natural stone
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