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Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning and reconditioning natural stone terraces:

Ustensils, materials and solutions

A soft-brush broom with a sturdy handle is perfect for dusting the stone without scratching the surface of marble, granite, travertine and slate. You can also use the vacuum cleaner but you have to be careful not to scrape the slabs with its wheels.

A water hose is also necessary in order to wash off any detergents that require rinsing.

It’s recommended that you use special detergents destined for natural stone maintenance, because they are not acidic and do not affected the sealant. For a travertine floor we recommend LTP FloorShine or LTP WaxWash, and for an extra boost, you can add a cap of LTP Mattstone, LTP MPG or LTP Colour Intensifier. This will protect and maintain the sealant that was applied at installation. LTP Fullers Earth and LTP Stain Remover can come in handy when you need to remove oily stains (in the dining area or near the barbecue).

A semi-rigid brush can prove useful for removing persistent stains. You can it use for scrubbing joints.

Household or surgical gloves protect your skin against chemical detergents. Don’t forget to use them.

We also recommend you “gear up” properly. Use safety glasses in order to avoid eye irritation from dust or chemical substances.

Use a measuring cup or another special container to calculate the quantity of detergents recommended by the producer. Make sure you also have a plastic bucket and a bowl to mix the detergents with water.

Microfiber and cotton cloths are perfect for polishing everything after you’re done cleaning. For optimal results, make sure they’re clean and absorbent. To make things easier, use a microfiber mop.

Tips and tricks for a by the book cleaning

Evaluate the type and extent of each stain to determine how to clean it. Fortunately, because we’re talking about an outdoor space, you can wash the terrace easily. But there are some oil or smoke stains that cannot be washed away so quickly. Take, for instance, those pesky barbecue stains.

Brush the dust, leaves and other residues off the terrace. Use the broom in one direction and repeat the process at least once. This will help you remove dirt from cracks and joints. If you have an exterior vacuum cleaner, use it. In the case of a travertine terrace, the vacuum can extract the dust from inside the porous surface specific to this type of stone.

Use a water spray to get rid of any dust that remains after sweeping and to soak any persistent stains. Remove the oily stains, including the ones from the barbecue with the help of two LTP solutions: Fullers Earth and Spot Stain Remover. These substances should be used together. First, apply the liquid solution and leave it a few minutes so that it penetrates the stone. Then, apply the powder that extracts the stain.


Don’t forget to wear gloves and safety glasses to protect your hands and eyes.

Then, after you’ve addressed the problem areas, you can move on to washing the rest of the terrace. Mix natural stone detergent with water in the recommended ratio and then wash the slabs using a mop (for the floor) or a soft cloth (for the walls and other natural stone cladded areas). Take your time. Let the detergent soak for a few minutes. You can wash the area twice or thrice, if necessary. Finally, rinse the detergent with clean water.

If a certain area is badly damaged (is deteriorated or severely stained), you can always request a specialized team to remove the sealant (though polishing), reapply grout and seal the stone again. Remember to pay attention to the holes or pores of the travertine, because these can widen in time. They should be filled with synthetic resin or grout in a similar pigment to that of the stone.

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How to clean a natural stone terrace
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