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How to make a moodboard in 5 easy steps: creativity and inspiration

publicat in: Do it yourself // Publicata pe 17.09.2018

When it comes to #generatingsinspiration, moodboard is a constant element of architecture and design. A blend of emotions, ideas, materials and objects aimed to inspire, so that you can imagine easily the look of a space with your favorite elements. Such a space could be both physical and digital. If you decide to create a moodboard for a physical space, it will help you better understand the process and stages of a decoration project. Collecting a bunch of materials and ideas is a challenge, but along the way it can turn into something partly creative, partly relaxation with actual results – in the end you will have your own creative board that will become your space. Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words – regardless of all efforts to explain the needs, it is best to visualize and then transpose your ideas into a moodboard.


1. Choose your style!


In order to start developing your inspirational board, you need to know who you are, what do you want – you need to define yourself and establish your target in terms of style. Vintage or modern? Monochrome or vivid colors? Full of personality or relaxing? You don't have to be afraid to try. The digital offers you world filled with inspiration or training when it comes to style. This is a very important step, basically it will be your starting point.


2. Choose your attitude and you will find your color


Color is an essential element of any moodboard, mainly as an answer to your emotional state or something you want to express. Experience by playing with different colors and see what you can get. A serious attitude, monochrome with dark colors or energetic and soft, pastel colors?


3. Inspire from nature


A moodboard could be like a puzzle, where, as you arrange your textures, you will discover a potential of amazing combinations. You have the power to do it! All you have to do is allow your inspiration and creativity to guide you. You only have to take a look around for inspiration – nature is mainly #generatinginpiration with its colors, textures, materials, all these you can use for your moodboard. Use plants, textiles, stone, wood, metal, accessories and other objects that will help you express your feelings for this moodboard. Nature is world’s greatest creation and the place where you can find things you probably didn’t know existed.


4. Use pictures: look around carefully


Beyond streets and people, there's a real, inspiring world with emotions. Therefore, always carry a camera with you or at least have your phone ready to capture the instants, a building, a cloud, or the people around you. You don't have to be a pro, nor shot excellent pictures. However, if you capture what you need, it will surely help for creating your moodboard. And remember: before you use it for your project, make a selection and get rid of the unnecessary.


5. See the big picture and leave details for the end


Use everything you've collected for your moodboard – pictures, textures, materials, plants, everything that seems important and start assembling your details from that point. Allow your imagination to guide you and stop focusing on matching colors or finding an equivalent for your favorite texture. In the end, you'll be able to get rid of the unnecessary.


Creativity and inspiration are very important for this "game". We took this moodboard task very seriously, as we consider it a benefit for our customers and an extra for the architect / designer. In spite of all the words carefully selected for a description, you will not trigger an emotion or an answer unless the recipient of this moodboard is able to visualize and touch it. The textures, colors, and story are beyond words. As a demonstration for this moodboard power, we hosted a training in our showroom with people from different areas of activity, aimed at creating our own moodboards and proving that you do not need design training for this. Besides, for allowing architects and designers to reveal natural stone’s beauty for your decoration project, we’ve created the Arhikit – a kit with samples from the most beautiful natural stones and 18 textures of SKIN flexible slate. What better way to explain the flexibility of SKIN slate, if not this?

How to make a moodboard in 5 easy steps: creativity and inspiration
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