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Find inspiration in a moodboard: play, explore and go beyond your limits

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 20.09.2018

Is it possible to do something meaningful with the objects stored in a drawer? Definitely! You will be able to create moodboards for your projects. A moodboard, according to its “ad litteram” translation, is a board of many states. If you want, a method to express your beauty freely alongside emotions and design a “structure” that will you to see the big picture. Such an inspirational tool can be used by architects, the interior/fashion/product designers, graphic designers and any project that involves both a physical and a digital space. Its great advantage is that it reproduces instantly for the customer your ideas/concepts, otherwise depicted by words or sketches. And you are allowed to use everything – pictures, sketches, colors, textures and words – any element that can help you define the concept of your project. Why should we use moodboards? The answers are so simple!


1. Moodboards will help you. Gather your ideas and find inspiration in one place, a moodboard. Instead of just staring and pushing your imagination, wouldn't it be better to just free it and collect every idea, object, material that you can think of? This will you save time and energy, so you’ll be able to outline the big picture much easier – it is not easy to fully commit to a project and then see it rejected. Use moodboards to find inspiration, so that you can generate inspiration.


2. Moodboards will help the customer. A moodboard helps customer to picture the project. We are not always expressive enough or able to communicate exactly our feelings. Consider that it essential to communicate with your customer up front. If you will offer something real, visual, you'll avoid any misunderstanding. Words have multiple meanings and most of the time, the same words can have different meanings for different people. Therefore, a moodboard will avoid such an uncomfortable situation.


In a creative domain, especially in a project, perhaps the work flow and the way we generate creative ideas are the biggest obstacles we have to overcome. For a continuous flow that connects with the ideas, you need to have a moodboard! Ideas are derived from each other – a texture can establish a color, a color might do the same for a material and material can generate a specific type of texture that defines your concept. By picturing everything in one place you'll be able to figure out much easier and faster the missing parts or the unnecessary elements of your project. The most important thing is to get involved – no idea is bad, it simply needs an ambience for developing.


3. Don't stop with only one moodboard!


Usually, ideas are not born from the first attempt. For great ideas, you will need practice and several moodboards. With several different boards you will be able to analyze the concept which best defines the brand, customer or even the space. Moreover, the wider the range you are supposed to choose from, the better the potential, facing the customer with a situation in which rejection is not an option.


4. Never restrict to your area of knowledge!


The comfort zone. This boogeyman of creation that often will not deliver success. Sometimes it is good to have a comfort zone and resort to your knowledge, however, a creative project requires you to leave your comfort zone. Keep in mind that, as a result, besides from shaping an inspirational moodboard, you will also exceed your limits, up to the points of your creativity you probably weren't aware of or maybe your were too afraid to explore. Stay away from selecting for your moodboard only the things you feel comfortable with or were already used by you. This process is with you, for you, except it has direct influce on the client, revealing an action that leads to your development, beyond your comfort zone– and this means to experiment.


We wanted to experience this inspirational "game" in our showroom, and in our opinion, we proved that regardless of your background – design, marketing, journalism, construction, a moodboard is an opportunity to express your creativity. We had a wide range of materials, textures and colors and we found inspiration, so as soon as we placed an element on the board, everything began to make sense and turned into a journey. Therefore, every moodboard got a name and a story. The result is available in our showroom.


And since we consider that every creative people – regardless of domain – should be able to enjoy a moodboard, we come up with Arhikit. A box of senses filled with natural stone samples to integrate with your projects. In there, you will find 18 samples of our newest innovative material – SKIN flexible slate. Discover the emotion of natural materials and the wellness a moodboard can generate for your project. Play, explore, go beyond your limits and remember to keep #generatinginspiration in everything you do!

Find inspiration in a moodboard: play, explore and go beyond your limits
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