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Top 8 decoration project blogs you should follow

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 29.10.2018

Whether you are a design enthusiast or you want to decorate, you need as much inspiration as you can find. And considering the things that move on fast-forward in our digital world, where else to find inspiration if not online? Blogs have evolved from an online journal concept that included information into #generatinginspiration domains for your projects. Returning to these interior decoration projects, if your budget is not sufficient for contracting a professional you can review these sites for inspiration. The best part is that, apart from practical advices and interior design pictures, you can also find the details for online stores.


Do we need these blogs?

Yes, we need it if we want a project shaped from our ideas. Of course, not all sites / blogs have quality content and you have quite a large volume to browse. Often, pictures are not enough if not accompanied by some tips. So, we made a top list of the useful sites for home decoration projects.


1. Jurnal de design interior



"Inspiration for your Home" – this is the promise you see when visiting the page. This is one of the most active Romanian interior design blogs, active on all social platforms and really special projects. Also the community behind the blog provides a series of specific services that range from consultancy up to restorations and restructuring. The initial point of attraction is the minimalist design and pictures, a great addition when looking for inspiration in your apartment – you will find a category that features tips for maximum 100 sqm apartments. This site is highlighted by its premium quality pictures, an excellent way for transmitting most of the information. As an evidence that Romania is also capable of spectacular projects, there is a Made in Romania category where you will find really interesting decoration projects, and who knows, you may even find inspiration for your project.


2. Designist



"Collector of fine ideas" – because the most beautiful projects need the most refined ideas. Designist includes more than house decorating ideas or Romania’s spectacular apartments, but also ideas of fashion design besides more beauty forms involving art. You will find the latest projects – as the former Grivita brewery is transformed into a mixed-use project that will include over 6000 sqm of co-working and shared office space spaces, 187 new apartments, 31 new lofts, restaurants, bakery, brewery with in-site production and restaurant, cocktail bar, cafes, commercial spaces, events spaces, landscaping and parking. A fairly rich menu where you will surely find the information and assistance needed for your project, if you like to read a little more than just looking for inspiration from the pictures.


3. Tettu



"Inspiration for Your Projects" – even if you don’t want to find inspiration and you still run into something that generates the best ideas for your decoration project. Is is OK to match green with yellow? What light should I use? Is it possible to use a darker floor for a kitchen decoration project? What do I do if I have a small bathroom and I still want a relaxation space? For such practical, basic questions that help you with your house decoration project, you have this. It looks minimalist as the previous one, yet still well organized for comprehending bathroom, kitchen and the location of your bathroom sink. Here you can find ideas for your home – starting with the bedroom, living room, even the garden. Moreover, you can find articles to help you organise your space better. Indeed, the articles are a bit longer, yet backed up by relevant pictures and tips.


4. Adela Parvu



"Interior Design Blogger | We have a single life, so let it be colored!” – Adela began his career as a journalist, then she worked with interior design magazines for polishing and developing her aesthetic sense, to finally set up a blog focused her passion. And then we have her heart project – “Visuri la cheie” (the Romanian verison of Extreme Makeover – Home Edition). Her blog is #generatinginspiration, derived from ideas and experience, so that you find more information, solutions and sources for your home. Apart from decoration projects for apartments, houses or bed & breakfast facilities, you will also find tips and information for your garden – landscaping and what to use for creating a fantasy space – and balconies for apartments in apartment buildings. If you have time to browse the blog you will surely find at least 10 ideas for your home. And even if you are not prepared to implement those right away, you can always store them.  And, yes, you'll find plenty of color, both in her projects but also in the ones she discovers.


If we were to analyze this blogging trend, on macro level is much simpler. The first site anybody visits in search for inspiration (house decoration project, special attire or flower arrangements) – and these are only a couple of the many possibilities – is Pinterest. If we were to define a universal #generatinginspiration, Pinterest would be that. Now, in terms of interior design, architecture and landscaping ideas, definitely English language websites have a wider range, yet you can find or not the content you really need. Perhaps this demand for interior design blogs is bigger also because of the fact that people emphasize more the appearance of a house, regardless of budget. Besides Pinterest, there are many other inspirational sites.


5. Architectural Digest



An American monthly specialized magazine, established in 1920 and focused on design rather than on architecture. The blog is consistent on categories – architecture and design, decoration and renovation, celebrities’ style, lifestyle. This is a magazine aimed at an informed audience with minimum keen sense and desire to improve. Architectural Digest also features the annual list AD100 for acknowledging the most influential interior designers and architects around the world. Moreover, this magazine is a celebration of international talent that impress with their interior design, houses and innovative products, generating ideas for decoration, culture and travel. Currently, AD publishes 9 international editions apart from its blog, already an influencing brand in the world of design and interior style.


6. Dezeeen



Established in London, this is an online magazine focused on architecture, interiors and design, and included by Time Magazine on its "Design 100" – a list with design’s most influential. Besides articles, Dezeen also features specialized books, related jobs and information about global significant events in terms of design, architecture and art. It is an ideal site for people in search of more trendy colors for 2018, you can discover collections of objects from the most spectacular materials and projects that will amaze you. And if you really want to know, it goes more than this.


7. Design Boom



A blog that focuses exclusively on architectural projects collected either across their DIY Submission platform or by partnerships. Mainly, articles do not have content, but more pictures or other visual materials, besides details associated with architects, builders, engineers, structurists, designers, entrepreneurs and so on. Launched in 1999, this publication was the first web magazine focusing on these areas and apart from this, it also features interviews and visits to studios of the most famous designers and architects. This blog is #generatinginspiration for both experts and domain enthusiasts.


8. Fresh Home



Last, but definitely not the least. FreshHome is the site where you will find all the answers to questions about house / apartment decoration. Furthermore, the menu is exhaustive so that you have categories for every house area – bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. From decoration tips to furniture and accessories for every space. A complete site, defined by a balance between written and visual content, for helping you understand better your projects while browsing the photo gallery.


We all need inspiring elements for specific times of life / projects – for breaking the routine, completing our projects or building new ones and to discover our potential. Inspiration, in decent dosage, can transform our vision or complement what we have already imagined. Every step we make aims at bringing new perspectives to our readers, to finaly complete their projects as it were imagined. #Generatinginspiration is our belief, guiding us in every step of the way – with inspirational, educational and new things that bring us closer to evolution. A world without inspiration is like a childhood deprived of the Christmas magic, a family without sincere love, or a job without passion. Inspiration is the engine that drives your movement, even for your house decoration project. This inspiration you can find even in the smallest things that you consider insignificant – in people, their ideas, things they do or have already been done. People need stories.


We manage the "story" of your house. Natural stone is an element with more inspiration than you can imagine; it gathers significant information in its structure and this is all accessible to you. Every project we involve in it is like an inspiration for us, therefore we intend to pass it on so that you will no longer look for it somewhere else. However, depending on the complexity of your project and your need for inspiration, you have plenty of options to choose from. Foreing language blogs are a complement for materials written in Romanian, but from both sources you will get a package that will guide you in your projects. Perhaps our society still needs an extra dosage of courage that allows its creative spirit to be free and experience forms, materials and concepts. But until then, we only want you to consider PIATRAONLINE blog as the place to find things you probably didn’t know existed.

Top 8 decoration project blogs you should follow
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