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Your home is a personal retreat – a place where we can be ourselves and forget about everything.  That’s why decorating such a space will not be as easy as it may seem. More difficult than choosing a living room sofa or your favorite bathroom material, there is something more that complicates our choices. What do we really want? Do we know it? In a world with activities beyond our working schedule up to late at night, we end up not knowing each other so well and implicitly, we fail to identify our needs properly. Under these circumstances we need to return to the basics, our passions, life and the loved ones. Assemble all this information and find out your home necessities. But until this is true, how about becoming familiar with the trends?

The trends are perceived as an evolution towards a specific goal, which brings us closer to fulfilling our needs. If you’re currently decorating your house or only one area, you'll definitely want to know the trends of this year and what was modified from the past years.

Natural materials are still in trends and ever more popular – an ecological life style that uses nature products, yet also based on reusing the objects by reconditioning. Wood is one of the trendiest elements each year, with the only thing changing are the essences – so far the walnut wood has been used and now the oak wood is very present. 2018 is the year with wood highlighted by darker shades, thus providing a fresh vision of modern luxury. Marble is another natural element rediscovered in full beauty – from the classic white with grey veins to Calacatta marble and up to Nero Marquina black marble. Of course, marble goes beyond these extremes and is also available in colors - Maron Emperador, Sofita Beige, Tundra Grey, Tinos Green. The latest tendency in 2018 is the natural stone no longer used exclusively for cladding or flooring, borrowing many shapes: from kitchen or bathrooms countertops, to desktops, furniture pieces, coffee table or small decoration items.

Translucent natural stone is another item shaping the walls in modern houses – the display of textures conveys more originality into your home, creating an area in which all you can do is relax. The beauty of natural stone can only be unveiled by its own light. PIATRAONLINE range of products includes Arabescato Marble and Onyx Honey, ideal for your home – bedroom, living room or bathroom. Besides marble and onyx, you will find another revolutionary material – SKIN Flexible Slate. This product is 100% natural stone as absolute shape by which natural stone is released from any constraints and becomes so malleable that you will be able to cover also the curved surfaces. Flexible slate has a translucent version you can easily integrate into your project.

Regarding color trends – year after year, the colors and shades are dynamic, hence “Color of the Year” – ultra-violet for 2018. Nevertheless, not everyone likes strong colors and thus resulted in combination of warm colors and touches: violet shades, Navy, Imperial Blue, Green Emerald and the classic white replaced by colorful gray shades. This trend is not only found in the walls color but also elements of decoration and furniture.

Natural stone bathroom sinks are items highlighted by a natural beauty conveyed by stone and also durability. Obviously, you will not have a yearly house redecoration, for having always the latest trends, but you need materials able to withstand the test of time. They have an affordable price, higher than a bathroom sink from composite materials or stainless steel and because of natural stone versatility you have a wide range to choose from – you will certainly find a bathroom sink from natural stone to fit in every house. You can choose a bathroom sink from marble, travertine, granite or onyx, with a rounded or squared shape. For something special, you have the "Autograph" collection in the PIATRAONLINE product range – an exclusive collection of bathroom sinks with special shapes for revealing the impressive internal structure of natural stone.

Plants are very important item in house decorating projects – these two elements are in close contact with our true nature. You are allowed to have many combinations for your home decoration project, however the natural materials transmit positive energy, inducing a state of tranquility and relaxation. Plants and floral elements assist with balancing the house energies, will illuminate the house and will restore the feel good state at any time.

Regardless of next year trends, the most important is adopting and using from all these ideas the one that suits you best, with elements that define your style. Interior design highlights natural materials – wood, stone – not only for their beauty, but also for the complete experience conveyed into your home. If you are currently developing a decoration project, we invite you to visit our website for generating inspiration and discovering the natural stone versatility!

Discover the Latest Interior Design Trends for 2018
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