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Generating Inspiration: Rue du Pain – Boulangerie Artisanale

publicat in: Uncategorized // Publicata pe 24.09.2018

“Bread is the staff of life”.


We have declared our fascination for natural stone anytime we had an opportunity and is exactly such passion that opened up fresh horizons and outlooks. Such a natural and simple material showed us once more that essential things are hidden in details – people and places. It is this type of journeys associated with natural stone that made us discover places with a story to share.

If you’ve ever strolled around Paris and we are not discussing here the "Little Paris", you should know there is nothing more authentic than streets smelling of freshly-baked baguette and the traditional butter croissants. Even if you never visited Paris, but you always wanted to, you should know that such an amazing experience is available right here in our little... Bucharest. Of course, you can find many such places for buying fresh bread and other goodies, however what sets them apart is definitely the smell that surprises you the moment you enter and the full experience.

"Going to buy bread" is a common activity of Parisians and Romanians, except is perceived differently, depending on culture. French people, get up earlier and first of all visit the so called “boulangeria" to buy fresh baguette for breakfast. We're still struggling to integrate breakfast into our morning activities, that’s why “going to buy bread" in Romania means supermarket or the convenience store with bread baked the day before and already packed.

What if the same place where you buy your bread and other pastries would offer coffee as well, besides indulging you with a butter croissant?

Rue du Pain – Boulangerie Artisanale opened in September 2009, as the first French bakery in Bucharest with artisanal products and premium ingredients – flour is imported from France, as well as butter and every ingredient is 100% natural. Besides being the place for buying daily the warm “smell” of bread, Rue Du Pain includes also a small bistro where you can enjoy with tranquility a warm soup, a coffee or a Lorraine quiche that will remind you of Paris – if you visited it already and this is not a “must” on your list. Moreover, they have a large terrace where you can enjoy all this experience in tranquility – on one side you have the smell of bakery and on the other, the little bistro. And all these are waiting for you on Calea Floreasca.

A place where you can get warm bread, cakes and other pastries. A bistro where you can eat a soup, a bread, a risotto. A place where you can enjoy a coffee. And a place where you can really enjoy a Parisian morning, without even ever going to Paris. Beyond these aspects this is a place that takes you out of the city from the daily anxiety and throws you into a bohemian ambience, to feel a slight air of freedom and some jazz vibes. This is enough to be heard if you have company. Places like Rue du Pain make life more beautiful, escaping from our comfort zone and daily tasks and confronting us with the little pleasures that sometimes carry us closer to our own nature. Places that add value into our lives are the amazing places where you start your mornings. Next time when you will wonder where to eat the best breakfast, you'll know that all roads lead to Floreasca, at “Rue du Pain”.

Rue du Pain is a generating inspiration area where you can eat the best croissant in Bucharest and we are very fond of this kind of stories. Besides, we are glad that we were able to take part in this project and help them with the cornerstone, specifically the stairs towards the "Road of Bread". Again, the natural stone proves that places with a story to tell will always match natural materials and integrate very easily into the experience offered by such a space.

If this story with people and places, natural stone and gastronomy seduced you, you can share it!

Generating Inspiration: Rue du Pain – Boulangerie Artisanale
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