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The road to success is paved with patience – the story of Chinese bamboo

publicat in: Uncategorized // Publicata pe 28.08.2018

Life is like a seed. Reaching the maximum potential takes time, patience and persistence.


Changing is unavoidable and this is the essential law of nature. After being planted a seed undergoes many transformations for evolving into a plant. A grain of sand, associated with other small fragments of minerals, is shaped and transformed into what we call natural stone. Gently, yet naturally, an entire universe was born, in which we as humans get to live and often not valued as much as we should.


In time, nature has taught us many lessons that allowed us to witness creations for which we have no explanation. There is nothing stronger than forces of nature. Coming back to that seed, the analogy we should be able to understand would be the following: that seed has potential to become great. However, for reach such a point, the seed must undergo a process of growth, change and transformation that allow potential to be released. And this is actually the beauty of nature for which we should have no explanation. However, along this process and just like the seed, we will have less favorable periods and there will be times when we feel surrounded by mud and dirt and try to escape. Those are exacty the moments when the first sprouts appear. Those moments happen in our lives so that potential can be released. The miracle of nature released.


Chinese Bamboo Story


Chinese bamboo is one of those miracles of nature, happening as an attempt to transmit us some lessons. The most important lesson is patience. To reach maturity and undergo a transformation process, we need patience. So, the old saying "All things come to those who wait" applies here perfectly. This feature, not acquired from the beginning, but in time, is so important for both people and nature. The wonderful creations of naure were born in a time of patience.


This analogy between Chinese bamboo and people underlines once again our connection to the same universe and the intimate relation developed. Besides patience, the story of Chinese bamboo is also essential for learning the meaning of perseverance and time development. Like any other plant, Chinese bamboo needs to be fed with water, rich soil and sun to grow and reach maturity. In the first year, you will think your efforts are useless. There will be no sign of it growing. In the second year, the same. After year 3 and 4 our patience is already subjected to test and we begin to wonder if it is worth the effort and all the energy invested into growing the little bamboo. But at that moment, as in the life of any man, despair and surrender are the end of the line. What you should do is keep believing and still have more patience. Your efforts will be paid off in the end.


During the 5th year – a miracle of nature. We're starting to grow. Both we and the bamboo that begins to discover its true potential, while showing it to the world. However, what is lesson offered by nature with this cycle? That after five years, suddenly, the bamboo starts to grow? Not. What nature is trying to show us is that in these 5 years, deep inside the soil, the little bamboo has absorbed the necessary ones, while developing a system strong enough to sustain its full potential in those 5 years and beyond. The same principle applies to people. Achieving absolute fulfillment and success requires a lot of work, patience and faith in your dream. People, like bamboo, will not grow overnight. In order to develop and achieve a maximum potential, one must grow steadily, build a real solid inner network that will help with the great transformation. Brick over brick, the blooming will come at the right time. Of course, in order for success to happen you have to believe in it, using every day for contributing to transformation.


The story of bamboo is the perfect analogy in which you will be able to find yourself and from which you will be able to extract the necessary ones. A reflection of the human experience that we are trying to develop personally and change. It's never easy and it never was. It is a slow process that allows a modest progress over time and the result comes once we learn the patience.


Bamboo is just one of nature's miracles. Just like bamboo, natural stone needs time. An evolution happening for a long time, with nature participating with all its features. Only after transforming small particles, natural stone becomes what we see in nature or in our homes. This plant and every natural element are an inspiration for us humans. From them we can learn what it means to grow up, develop and accept the changes in your life. Sometimes it'll be sunny, other times rain. The earth will be rich and fertile in some days and dry in others. In these circumstances we must learn how to survive and use all our knowledge for overcoming these moments. Success comes with time, and time is precious. You only have to use every moment for blooming. Bamboo and nature are inspiration and you can also be an inspiration for others.


By #generatinginspiration for people with no patience, the universe will reward you!

The road to success is paved with patience – the story of Chinese bamboo
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