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PIATRAONLINE is the first online store for natural stone, arrived on the market in a time when clients were neither accustomed nor ready to shop online, particularly in this domain. However, it has been over 10 years since that time and the prospects for the design and construction market have radically modified. We feel that all those years we have managed to transform a showroom for displaying hundreds of types of stone into the market leader by integrating our passion for natural stone into as many projects and concepts as possible. If you want to make a difference and be able to generate an improved experience for your customers you must dare to risk and do things differently.


The passion for natural stone inspired our slogan #generatingexperience, constantly applied in every action, event or project. We wanted to prove that we are beyind the term “warehouse for building materials” or a simple online store that sells natural stone. We planned to become an “engine” that connects the creative industries. The greatest challenge we face though is the natural stone itself – a material shaped by nature, with a beauty impossible to replicate and which is not yet fully understood. Being different is a daily challenge, but it's not impossible when you believe you can inspire change with your daily actions. You can look around for inspiration, but we plenned to reveal you the atural stone in things you probably didn’t know existed – emotion.


We believe there’s a story behind every idea and ours begins with natural stone. To be fair, we consider there is a timeless connection between stone and culinary art, which continues to develop even further. The natural beauty of stone is able to deliver you an authentic dining experience and its features will definitey make gastronomy an art. For us, stone is #generatinginspiration, with its capacity of bringing added value to any design project. We wanted to show that stone and its story can progress when assisted by dreamers.


These ideas shaped FoodRocks – a contest aimed at designing kitchen objects. We wondered what it would be like if our passion for stone could merge with the passion of creative people. What if your ideas and materials would generate a collection for kitchen enthusiasts? FoodRocks has been a challenge both for us and for those who have signed up, in an effort to bring added value with their objects, so we’re constantly encourage them to express freely their ideas. We’ve assign all our resources for the FoodRocks campaign – passion and an extended product range of materials, meant to inspire and serve as elements of creations. Materials include the beautiful marble, travertine, granite or even the SKIN flexible slate – a unique type of flexible stone. We wanted to prove that natural stone is able to integrate in a kitchen, transforming such an experience.


For entering the FoodRocks contest, you had to submit your project on a website, designed particularly for this. The contestants were judged by a jury consisting of Mariana Bradescu Constantinescu – Managing Partner PIATRAONLINE, Sergiu Constantinescu Bradescu – Managing Partner PIATRAONLINE, Florin Cobuz – General Manager at Nod Makerspace, Mia Munteanu – Customer Service Director Marks & Food Stylist, Hamid Nicola Katrib – Interior Designer, Alexandru Petricean – Head Chef Maize farm to table and Ruxandra & Gabriel Gavrilescu – food & travel writers.


We were pleased to receive many submissions from designers and creatives. Therefore we take this opportunity to acknowledge the designers and creative people who entered our competition. The concepts and stories they have created with natural stone transformed #FoodRocks into a tight competition, but we are confident that winners will be able to bring a fresh vision for the kitchenware universe.


1st place: disqualified

2nd place: Maraşoiu Doriana – TAO SET


Inspired by a minimalist design and the pragmatism of geometry, TAO SET is a fuctional duo of salt and pepper containers. Alternating aesthetics refers to complementarity and balance between these two elements, always in sync both in life and gastronomic culture.


3rd place: Biro Szidonia – Wave and GeoMoon


Wave is a travertine arched serving tray, cladded with a sheet of SKIN flexible slate and inspired by its texture.


GeoMoon is a set of plates and coasters inspired by the Moon phases. Starting from the spherical shape of the Moon we produced round objects with geometric details, thus styling the more round shapes of the Moon phases. I went for marble due to its color and texture.


Mention 1: Mihai Tamasan – Rocking plate


 "The idea of this project has 2 angles.


The first is a combination of curvy, fluid shapes of a soup plate, with geometric, rigid and hard shape of a piece of granite. The second angle of this concept started from the code of good manners – accordingly, when dining you are not supposed to tilt your plate for trying to get the last drops of soup from it and the need to facilitate such service. I created this "rocking plate", a “balancing” stone plate. Besides the fact that you will have good manners when using this plate, you will also have both hands free to handle the spoon and the bread/biscuit and last but not least is an interactive and entertaining version of the classic dishware.


Mention 2: Spiridon Anca – Nest


 "The boiled egg can be the best choice for a healthy breakfast. When properly boiled, it retains all its nutritional features. However, serving it can be an uncomfortable experience: the surface of the egg is hot, the yolk spills and the shells scatter everywhere. My object proposes a serving set for boiled eggs. Nature inspired the shape of this object, from the concept and image of a nest. After styling and introducing a material in contradiction with nest essence, it resulted an object with unique identity, which still refers to its organic nature.


The set consists of two elements: the tray and the egg holder. When the holder is used, the remaining space becomes storage for the egg shells. Thus, after use, everything is easy to clean and put together and the two pieces create a compact body for storage. For an easier understanding of the utility of these elements, I used two types of marble, with different finishes. The surface in contact with the food has glossy finish and the back of the egg displays a honed and rough holder, thus suggesting the utility of the slot (cavity for scraps) when the set is closed. The whole breakfast experience created with such a "nest" is special. Interaction with the object and the materials takes place in a new, playful and practical way. This makes the object suitable for both home and restaurant use. "


The winning projects will be produced by PIATRAONLINE, to be later sold on our website, the largest store for natural stone. Furthermore, we will have a launching event – exhibition, hosted by PIATRAONLINE showroom, where celebrities from the creative industry, famous chefs and restaurant owners will be able to admire the collections and launch pre-orders. For all the updates on this project, we recommend you to follow our Facebook page.


We believe we have succeeded in demonstrating once again that we are not a simple materials warehouse, but a creative hub that supports valuable design ideas. PIATRAONLINE brand is #generatinginpiration for anyone who has something to say and a landmark in the Romanian food industry, focused lately on look, besides the food and taste.

FoodRocks: the contest is over, the story goes further
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