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You might think that this type of decoration project is only reserved for professionals, but a couple of materials, tools and plenty of patience are enough for shaping your own mosaic art. Since ancient history, this art of wall decoration remains fascinating due to a unique aesthetic and its artistic freedom. Prior to offering you the most creative ideas that we have collected for your project, it will be helpful to understand the beauty of such art, with tradition and experience.

The history of mosaic: from ancient art to decorating modern houses

The mosaic is the most popular art form in many cultures around the world, yet the oldest mosaics were found in a Mesopotamiam temple, year III, B.C. At the time, most of the mosaics were made of natural materials such as ivory, shells and stones. Although a still primitive art form, those beginnings laid the foundations for spectacular mosaics created thousands of years later in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. They were later developed and transformed by ancient artists in artwork – images, patterns and traditional motifs.

From the 4th century to the Renaissance, mosaic is used for decorating Catholic basilicas of Italy, decorating ceilings, floors and mystic portraits of saints and other biblical figures. In Islamic architecture, mosaics are animated and colored throughout the VII – VIII centuries by repeated geometric works – becoming traditional motifs and ornamental patterns specific to the culture. All these in strong, vivid colors, both inside the buildings and facades. The Byzantine art also focused on mosaics, used for portraits to the smallest complex details.

Renaissance artists rejected this technique, but it was refreshed by modernists – Antoni Gaudi is one of the most famous architects to use this technique for his fully customized projects. The modernists managed to restore this old art form and keep it alive – they were the ones who lead the way to our homes for the current mosaic producers.

Now that you've found out the history of mosaic and its tradition, why about discovering some ideas for your house?

Romanian motifs on your walls

The mosaic can be glued piece by piece if you want a specific design, but there is also the option of pre-assembled mosaic. This means that the mosaic pieces come already installed on mesh structures, size up to 30 x 30 cm, which helps to achieve a correct, easy and fast installation on the underlay. If you want an authentic space with some Romanian elements, we decided to refresh a classic Bucovina model from mosaic – by combining Dark Emperador marble from Spain with Light Beige marble from Turkey. By merging these two cultures we have revealed the creative Romanian roots and natural stone seems to convey as much emotion as an “ie” (traditional Romanian blouse for women). Traditional elements are still ruling the interior and object design. With this type of pre-assembled mosaic you will be able to convey a special beauty into your walls.

The tree of life in black and white marble

If you want a much stronger and genuine personality for your house, you can shape it with mosaic – black and white pieces of marble, like a remake for the Tree of Life by Klimt. This symbol is associated with knowledge and wisdom; also by using natural stone, your connection with your true nature will be much stronger. Besides the aesthetic sense and beauty conveyed to an area in terms of design, there will be also a source for your positive energy. You don't need expert help, only a lot of patience. But the result will match your patience. Of course, if you have a small space you may not be able to include its entire beauty in there, but this will be ideal for decorating a restaurant/hotel wall, providing identity for that space.

Nick Misani: Mosaic calligraphy

In case you were amazed by our proposal so far, wait till you see the works of Nick Misani – a designer who creates from letters and words. His passion for beauty, calligraphy and design resulted in Fauxsaics – a project that collected the finest calligraphy in mosaic from all over the world. And the most colourful as well. You wouldn't believe the round and finite shapes created with natural stone mosaic. Nick Misani is #generatinginspiration and we consider that with so many ideas, you will certainly find something to match the personality of your home.

The mosaic can be the ideal shape for shaping natural stone for your home. Basically, with all therse small pieces it included the full essence of natural stone and our return to authentic nature. It gives you the freedom to create new designs and brings color into your space. With every journey and story, the natural stone develops unexpected features and only for those who really believe in this material, it allows a shape able to transmit something. Besided the information accumulated in decades, the natural stone becomes a nature artwork by itself.

Natural stone mosaic: Creative ideas for your home
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