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Schedule a visit and discover the universe of natural stone for one day

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Seeing and touching natural stone is not enough; you must understand its potential. For such a journey, you will need professional and customized assistance.


It is obvious that product’s quality is essential for customers and decision-making when choosing a supplier. However, these days when most products are similar regardless of supplier, this detail becomes less important. So, we have now another aspect, which influences the preference of a buyer for a specific brand and this is the experience. We are talking about the sales of a specific brand and the after sale experience. This begins with the initial interaction, the first “Hello", up the hand shake, when closing the sale. The customer relationship with that particular supplier/brand influences the buying decision or not – the relationship is one of key elements from this experience. The relationship you develop with your customer and the associated experience with the brand will develop the so-called emotional attachment that will encourage brand promotion, or not.


At PIATRAONLINE, the customer experience is essential, from the moment of entering our Pavilion, hence we imagined a showroom unlike everything else on the Romanian market. Every project that reaches us is very important and therefore we engage with all our resources for the customer; we focus on professional assistance for our customers. Natural stone is more than a simple material and it is very important that each customer understands it alongside its huge potential for decoration projects. We value the concept of "customer care" and we consider it a decision-making factor for a successful project.


Over the past 10 years of PIATRAONLINE and over 40,000 successfully completed projects, we found out that a house decoration project values time and nobody wants to spend more time than necessary. Our large customer flow leads to the conclusion that, for being able to manage every new project, we needed an evolution. It was something for helping us keep our promises, while providing optimum solutions for our customers, by assigning enough time for each project. Because we customize each project – solutions and suitable materials – we realized that brand experience could be different for every one, especially in terms of "Customer care" and assistance.


"We wanted to be able to find in PIATRAONLINE showroom all the things you probably didn’t know existed. We wanted to reveal for our customers the potential of natural stone and especially in the new Pavilion, where customers can find inspiration displayed in more than 300 concept spaces", according to Mariana Brădescu-Constantinescu, Managing Partner PIATRAONLINE.  


The quality of time assigned by PIATRAONLINE sales consultants to every customer can be constantly improved. Especially for this, on our website we have implemented the option of an online scheduler, so that each client is able to customise the visit, thus optimizing the waiting time. This type of service is absolutely new for the Romanian market.


How does it work? Simple! You acces this link here and you choose the counselor you want, the day and the suitable time for you. As soon as you reach our showroom you will not have to wait in line for your turn and those 20 minutes – the time assigned for your customized sales assistance will belong exclusively to your project. Think about the time and energy saved for other things (either personal or project-related). To make sure you do not forget your appointment, we will send you a SMS reminder 2 hours before the visit.


Branding for us is more than just selling products and services, it means emotion, transparency, quality, honesty and experience. These are things that set us apart for reaching the heart of our customers. Development and evolution are constant steps for us, already an element of PIATRAONLINE.


Our showroom and PIATRAONLINE Pavilion are places to discover, even for a day, from the natural stone universe. Every step will reveal you a different decoration project, able to set the ambience in your home, besides the concept areas, which capture different shapes of the material and its exotic beauty: Colombian, traditional, modern and Mediterranean. The reason behind this new service by PIATRAONLINE was revealing natural stone’s potential for its fans but also interior designers/architects. With this Pavilion, PIATRAONLINE maintains its brand promise, generating inspiration and delivering custom-made collections, while setting landmarks for the Romanian market.

Schedule a visit and discover the universe of natural stone for one day
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