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The continuous shape of stone – the art of sculpture and its stages

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"Every stone block hides a statue within and it is the sculptor's mission to reveal it"


Sculpture is perhaps the oldest form of art, stone being the oldest material used, but also the least acknowledged. Since earliest times, people aspired to reveal the shapes hidden within the stone. Karim Rashid, one of the most creative contemporary designer, once stated that people are meant to create. This is true, but when it comes to stone sculpture, the creation is already there by nature and we, as humans are responsible for getting rid of the excess from the stone block and reveal to the world what was already there waiting. You have to use every resource available for understanding this material and be able to see the story within, beyond the stone block.


Stone is a natural wonder, so important that we are not yet aware of. And if those simple blocks shaped by nature were able to produce the most amazing artwork, can you imagine the changes natural stone is capable of introducing to your house? Beyond these details stands a material difficult-to-shape and comprehend – and patience is the key which give you access to this world. And sculptors are the only artists able to create something so beautiful from a "cut out of the ground" material.


The process is so complicated, especially since stone blocks are not lightweight and besides, there are difficult to handle. It takes time and especially patience. Stone is a natural material with imperfections, but you have to assume and incorporate everything into what is about to become. Anna Rubincam is a sculptor born in Canada, Montreal, currently based in London. The artist focused on busts carved into natural stone and beyond her works of art stands a huge work – almost 3 weeks to finish a bust, since the moments of selecting a stone to the smallest details.


Anna is but one of the artists who truly understands natural stone, revealing an image that already existed within a stone block and the thing that sets her appart being the capacity to see beyond primitive material. This incredible skill takes time, a lot of passion, patience and tendency for perfection. In spite of the hardship and difficulty of sculpting in stone, Anna is an artist who loves stone and the stone sculptures, starting with the sound of chisel for sculpting. With her, every project begins with a pencil drawing. And it took her three weeks to complete a bust. Each step and stage until the stone assumes the shape already prepared for it.



A Continuous Shape from Eyes & Ears on Vimeo.


Stone carving is complicated, yet the stone can be tamed if you manage to understand it and embrace its imperfections. Although it stop being exclusively a building material a long time ago, even for those personal projects, the stone needs more acknowledgement. Part of this universe will belong to you, while trying to reveal the beautiful side of nature. With all these forms of art, this serves for demonstrating the power of natural stone and its multiple uses, as long as it is understood. It will never be perfect, it will be difficult to work with it, but the result delivered cannot be compared with anything else. Every sculptor in this world proves the beauty of natural stone and what you can get out of it. Due to sculptor’s hands, imperfections become the personal touch of every stone block, turning into the most beautiful details.


And you, how much do you understand the natural stone?

The continuous shape of stone – the art of sculpture and its stages
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