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Generating inspiration: Marble texture used in fashion

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 19.10.2018



Marble is the natural stone that needs no introduction, with not enough words for describing its beauty. Yet, when you think of marble, the sculptures of ancient history come to mind, the Greek buildings highlighting marble; you can imagine a stylish bathroom or a kitchen, yet you would never imagine that from bathroom, the marble could also be used in fashion. This connection seems quite impossible, yet for nature nothing seems impossible. The way modern designers highlight marble by taking it out of a “comfort area” is quite fascinating. Although marble has been and it is constant in our world for centuries, we are just beginning to rediscover it, mainly as a source of inspiration and then as a material. In time, marble revealed its stories and its textures became inspiration for design, by easily establishing a trend. For understading how such a raw material, like stone, turned into a creation muse, you need to get to know its story – what is marble, how the veins are forming and why it turned into a fascination for designers.


Essentially, marble is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone subjected to heat and pressure. There is nothing unique in here, yet what defines its beauty are those veins reaching into the depths of the stone for making the marble texture unique. Ironically, those veins are deposits of impurities such as clay, sand, iron oxides and many other minerals, found in different layers of the Earth and beginning their journey into the depths of marble. Between this process and the way those impurities manage to create a beautiful story and sometimes the patterns that leave you breathless, it's still a secret for us, but it's that factor that makes marble special.


The fact is that precisely from this mystery, marble was born with some fascinating collections based on textures of white, black or even cream marble, proving once again that, if you are looking for inspiration, you will be able to find it in nature – it is an element of us , and we're part of it.


Alexander Wang: Balenciaga | Autumn/Summer 2013


"I knew I wanted a model that would suggest a monolithic energy."



One of the most popular fashion designers, Alexander Wang, has been inspired by marble texture since the first contact and for Balenciaga | Autumn/Summer 2013 collection he used these white and black marble textures of for all the pieces of clothing. A collection for proving that marble elegance can be also carved in a dress or an overcoat. In 2014, Alexander Wang used marble and its textures for designing the concept stores in New York and Tokyo – with the people from Haydenshapes, he made a series of 5 surfboards with Carrara marble textures and black marble, to be later integrated into an installation. Marble texture conveys elegance, refinement, but also opulence and extravagance.





In 2015, a New York studio, Snarkitecture, used the subway stone tile pattern and marble for designing a clothing line that allows customers to blend in the urban setting. The starting point was this idea to create moments of architectural confusion, in which to visually lose yourself with different materials and surfaces.



Besides the fashion industry, marble has conquered with its texture a long list of objects and accessories. The main reason would probably be that marble is considered to be an easy to combine material. Many designers were inspired by marble textures for creating the most unexpected objects and outfits. Moreover, the great catwalks have marble texture as pattern. The elegance conveyed with every detail, turns marble and its textures intro a trending material with a unique place in our hearts. Of course, marble is not only present on the most important catwalks or the most beautiful buildings. It can be "involved" in all art forms and in many other decorative objects to have it in your home.



Marble’s beauty manages to be also conveyed by things you would not even imagine, such as the agenda for your projects, your smartphone case – considering this an essential element of our bag, business cards, laptop case, kitchen objects and many other elements that allows marble to express itself. People from Native Union designed for Apple more marble accessories; considering the image of such a brand (deluxe, stylish), they selected a material for expressing exactly the values and qualities.



Such an elegant and genuine material like marble could not be neglected by the creative industry, especially considering that its versatility allows many combinations and transformations. Besides the fact that your house can look amazing, this is now valid also for your clothes and daily accesories. We begin to get closer and closer to nature and its creations, when in fact, we are actually approaching our own nature.

Generating inspiration: Marble texture used in fashion
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