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How much does it cost to work with an Interior Designer?

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 11.09.2018

An interior designer is all you need for your home decoration project. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, whether you want to decorate your new home or redecorate your current one, the art of space management that perfectly matches and preferences all these require an expert. What could this expert do for you?

  • Develop a design concept based on your style, color, atmosphere, preferences and the practical aspects of your project. Some experts will only deliver this concept, others deliver a rendering
  • Design plans to match your approved concept
  • Select the materials for implementing your project. This activity, starting with selection of products, materials and finishes so that you stick to your budget, involves finding alternative and non-conventional solutions, such as cut-to-size products
  • Coordination of the purchasing operations, meeting and discussing with suppliers, monitoring the financial resources and human resources and the actual coordination of project stages, from handling and organizing issues to the final touch stage.

Most designers will want to personally inspect the area to be decorated, others will work mainly online. The first category will discuss with you on-site, then work based on their notes, others will inspect the house, then prepare questionnaires or interviews for the client and work according to the answers. When you transfer the power to decide to your designer, he will be driven by his own inspiration.

Usually, the work of interior designers does not include assesement criteria based on quality. The payment is either by the hour, by square meter or by project. The final payment for the time spent with designing, monitoring, the follow-up and coordination of the project on-site is assesed taking into account its difficulty, the experience of the designer, the team involved in this project and the legal form of your designer (registered sole trader, LLC, freelancer). That's why you will have a significant variation in hourly value of your designer’s work. A beginner designer will charge 20 EUR/hour and as the complexity of the project and designer’s experience go up, the price will reach 40 EUR/hour and more; an architecture bureau will cost you 200 EUR/hour. The payment for a project includes a fixed quota (e.g. 1000 EUR for interior design in one bedroom), with the value of the service increasing based on complexity. The total budget for an apartment could reach 10,000 – 15,000 EUR.

Experienced designers are involved in a discount system practiced by some vendors, so that, taking advantage of these opportunity, you could stick to your budget. Obviously, the initial assesment for the cost of the interior design service may change based on project’s evolution, therefore it is preferred to pay in advance (percentage of the projected value), followed either by partial payments, upon completion one stage of the project, either directly by final payment. The procedure of gradual payment is important since you can contract the design part with a designer and the execution part with another designer. Nevertheless before the designing part you will need expert assessment which might also have a price that adds to the total cost.

Therefore, before renovating or decorating your home it is recommended to consider all expenses that might add to your budget if you want to work with a designer. The alternative is working with the designer of your supplier, somebody who might not be familiar with house decoration as a whole, but is perfectly qualified for his line of work and therefore such an advice and a little personal creativity, might results in interesting solutions. And the best thing is the fact that is actually free of charge.

PIATRAONLINE provides resources (e.g. textures, samples, technical information, etc.) and workshops intended for the use of natural stone in design projects. These days, hundreds of architects use the Arhikit, with free samples and textures for rendering. Clients benefit from premium execution services (by request) of stone products, starting with stone furniture pieces (kitchens, tables etc.) to bathroom sinks (sinks, shower trays, large bathtubs etc.). All these are intended to improve the activities, while adding value to the connection between architect and client. PIATRAONLINE can help you with the design of interior and exterior decoration projects with natural stone, regardless of the size and destination of your project. The customer gets to work with a personal advisor and you have hundreds of products dislayed in many concepts within our showroom and Pavilion.

How much does it cost to work with an Interior Designer?
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