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Wallpaper is a material used to decorate living spaces, but also offices, hotels or coffee shops. Because it is very easy to install, it becomes an efficient decorative solution and besides, using wallpaper for interior decoration projects has been revamped after a long period of anonymity. A material in fashion during the ‘70s, with drawing and colors from that time period, wallpaper came back in fashion thanks to launching new materials and texture. For some special models, visit our category of SKIN Flexible Slate Veneer.

How to install wallpaper? This is a tutorial with a few easy steps:

Necessary tools
- roler for wallpaper
- scissors
- pencil
- utility knife (cutter)
- plumb bob
- ruler
- spirit level

Prepare your walls
Walls have to be clean, even, without cracks or moisture. Remove all the nails and keep in mind that light switch and wall lamp have to be put in place only after applying wallpaper!

Prepare the wallpaper
According to user instructions. There are many types of adhesive, one for each type of wallpaper, such as: traditional wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, embossed wallpaper, bamboo wallpaper and textile wallpaper.

First section of wallpaper
Install it by the book, because you will use it as reference. Start from one side of the window. Using a plumb bob, draw a perfectly straight line, 50 cm from the window. This is the line you will use for installing the first section of wallpaper.
Since it’s your first time, choose a simple model with sections without a matching pattern. Next is straight connection, a specification written on the package, next to dimension (in cm). You will need to match the sections one by one, because all models need to have horizontal patterns. There is also straight connection, offset connection or stripe reverse connection.

Cut all stripes
We recommend it to avoid wasting time when you have adhesive on your walls. Add an extra of 5 cm in the upper and lower part of the wall for minor adjustments. Mark all sections with numbers, to indicate the priority in installation. All sections have the same direction for installation. Next, you have the sticking part.
On a wide table, unroll the section. Using a brush, apply adhesive over the first half of the stripe. Bend over the sticky part, then apply adhesive over the other half. Waiting time is 5 to 15 minutes, depending on thickness and this is the same for every stripe, for marking the cut. Remove that part and fix the wallpaper.
Next, you have to level the surface of the upper stripe with a wallpaper roller. Using the same procedure, install the second stripe close to the first. Make sure your connection is perfect. If the connection is poor, softly damp wallpaper edge and apply extra adhesive with a pointed brush. Excess adhesive is wiped immediately with a sponge.

Difficult places
For fitting wallpaper behind pipes, bend the stripe edge all over its length and mark pipe holders (if any) with a pencil. Bend wallpaper all over a horizontal cut and slide it behind the pipe, with a putty knife.
For fitting wallpaper behind a radiator, apply the sticky stripe till the edge of radiator. Place a cardboard tube mounted on broomstick over the part that enters behind the radiator. Pull the broom with the stripe, all the way down.
After fitting wallpaper use the same procedure for adding plinths (useful for room decoration and highlighting wallpaper).

If you apply wallpaper over wallpaper, you do not have to peel up to plaster. Peel carefully the old pattern stripes and the first adhesive remains on the wall.
Use an old grinding machine, for levelling the surface. Apply wallpaper over this new base, of course with a new adhesive.

How to Install Wallpaper
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