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20 Most Incredible Sculptures You Must See

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 01.11.2018

Art is one of the most popular forms available to people for expressing their lives, thoughts, emotions or perceptions of life. Throughout the evolution of humanity art evolved, in spite of the faxct that at the beginning – the period of ancient history – Plato was referring to art as a form of expression that it would actually replicate nature and surrounding elements. And this was also reflected by the art work from that time period. Starting with the Romanticism period, art takes the form of emotion. Art translates into assuming one’s thoughts and experiences making something real out of all. If you like to combine art with travel, this means you must have at least one list with the most amazing sculptures you must see, to carefully plan your next destination.


1. Cap’è Caxx - Yoan Capote | Cuba



Yoan Capote is an artist from Cuba, Havana, trained in painting, yet improving his skills in sculpture as well. Acknowledged by his entourage as a promising artist, his works are defined as "solid", absolute, provocative and nonconformist. According to some critics of art, he emphasizes his works on the interactions between individuals and psychological experiences. Cap'è Caxx is one of those art works that readjusts the human body.


2. Loveland – Jeju Island | Korea



Art has no boundaries, nor does it account for inhibitions, just like the open air park named "Loveland" from Jeju Island, South Korea. Opened in 2004, park’s theme is sexuality and sexual education – a controversial topic with less positive reactions. All over park’s surface there is an impressive collection of more than 140 sexual sculptures focused on "love". The sculptures were created by a group of students from an Arts University in Seoul. You can also create art with nudity and the Jeju Island Park is the ideal place to enjoy art in a distinct form, taken at another level.


3. Expansion – Paige Bradley


photo source: Pinterest.com


From the moment we're born, we already have an identity shaped by the world. But is that really us? "Expansion" is a powerful sculpture that leaves room for multiple interpretations. Some can see a woman bleeding light, others a man leaving his inner self to surface through a burst of light.


4. Guardians of time – Great Britain



"The Guardians of Time" is a series of sculptures created by the artist Manfred Kielnhofer, who is convinced that humanity is observed and protected by strange characters. Inspired by these religious and supernatural phenomena, natural stone guardians of time were imagined, with hidden face and laid out like in sort of a ritual. Sculptures are displayed in public places such as parks, castles or ancient mines.


5. The Oceanides – Great Britain



The Oceanides were the nymphs of the Great Ocean, yet Oscar Spalmach turned them into amazing Carrara marble sculptures. The positions chosen by the artist reveal that, in spite of the classic subject, there is zero interest in tranquility and classic balance. Moreover, his delight for exploring the feminine shape in motion leads to sculptures featuring tense and uncomfortable positions. The whole ensemble is very dynamic and dramatic at the same time.


6. Kiss of death - Poblenou Cemetery | Barcelona, Spain



Located in Poblenou, a Barcelona cemetery, this white marble sculpture has a different depiction for death, imagined as a winged skeleton that kisses a young man's forehead. The face of young man is interesting, since you can't see exactly the emotion that best describes him. Is it fear or silence in the arms of death?


7. Cartoon drawings – Neil Dawson | New Zeeland



Neil Dawson is a New Zealand sculptor, author of truly amazing and incredible sculptures. What you think you see, namely cartoons or animations, are actually metal sculptures.


8. Venus of Willendorf



It is one of the oldest sculptures of the world, made from Limestone during Paleolithic. Well-defined shapes and body anatomy make this sculpture special, especially since it's so old.


9. METALmorphosis - David Cerny



Prague-born David Cerny is the author of metal sculpture "Metalmorphosis", 7.60 m height displaying a man’s head. This was also the first stable public exhibition of the artist in America. The sculpture consists of 40 layers articulated in 7 individually rotating layers. Initially, water was running out of sculpture head.


10. The Vigeland Park - Gustav Vigeland | Norway



Vigeland Park is the largest sculpture park in the world made by a single artist and one of Norway’s biggest attractions. Sculptures are made by Gustav Vigeland, including more than 200 items made from granite, bronze and iron, same as architecture and park’s design.


11. People of the River - Chong Fah Cheong | Singapore



By the river shores you will be able to observe these almost vivid statues – as a celebration of evil’s significance once. Created by Chong Fah Cheong, the sculptures depicts the lives of the locals who have been linked and influenced by evil. The statue of children jumping into the water is probably the most popular and is located near the Cavenagh Bridge.


12. The Equine Sculptures - Masood Rangrazan Karaj



When the painting continues and the sculpture comes to life. Masood is an Iranian artist, known for his natural-size horses sculptures.


13. Gardens of Bomarzo



"Monster’s Park" was created in the 16th century, definitely not to impress. Park is full of sculptures depicting bizarre and frightening creatures and vegetation allowed to grow wild, integrated into this world.


14. Nelson Mandela - Marco Cianfanelli


photo source: afritecture.org


South African artist Marco Cianfanelli made a 50 years anniversary memorial to honor the antiwar activity of politician Nelson Mandela and his detention by the apartheid regime. Side view, Nelson's portrait was made of 50 steel columns, anchored in concrete.


15. Lion of Lucerne | Switzerland


photo source: aviratgroup.files.wordpress.com


The Lion monument also known as the Lucerne Lion is a memorial from Lucerne, Switzerland. This monument is a sculpture made from a rock extracted in an old sandstone quarry and depicts a dead lion. Unveiled in the early 19th century, the lion commemorates the Swiss Guards who lost their lives in 1792, during French Revolution.


16. Victor’s Way


photo source: 2.bp.blogspot.com


In Wicklow, Ireland, you will find the strangest park, with the most interesting and frightening statues at the same time. Like an art gallery displayed along the park, sculptures were created by Victor Langheld after one journey to India in search of spirituality, which is also reflecting by his works. Most of sculptures were made of black granite and are depictions of Indian gods.


17. Colossus | Florence, Italy


photo source: steemit.com


The giant – half man, half mountain, was built around the year 1500 by Italian sculptor Giambologna as a symbol of Apennine Mountains’ greatness. The mountain statue hides a wonderful secret – there are moremulti-purpose rooms inside which brought this colossus back to life.


18. The Kunta Kinte - Alex Haley | United States of America


photo source: Pinterest.com


This artwork is a memorial that portrays the word, symbolizing the triumph of the human spirit in very difficult times, while conveying Alex Haley’s vision for reconciliation and healing. This artwork underlines the importance of maintaining strong family connections, preserving and honoring the family history and cultural heritage.


19. Force of nature – Lorenzo Quinn


photo source: Pinterest.com


After witnessing the hurricane turmoil in Thailand, Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn began to create a series of sculptures named "The Force of Nature" – bronze, metal and aluminum. The sculptures, full of energy and life, express the fragility of human beings and the entire Earth faced with nature, at times.


20. Les Voyageurs – Bruno Catalano


photo source: dailyartmagazine.com


French artist Bruno Catalano created a series of bronze sculptures – Journeys, depicting people suitcases employees with lacking body parts, which made them so unique and full of meaning. Did they really miss something or did they leave unnecessary things behind?


Surely these works and forms of art fit perfectly into the space, greatly embellishing certain geographic areas, which subsequently become tourist attractions. Analysing on a smaller scale, such as garden landscaping, there is a tendency to decorate these spaces with their own works – statues, artistic fountains. Exterior design can be inspired by your visited places; granite or marble sculptures with abstract shapes can decorate your backyard or sandstone columns, like the ones you admire from Greek architecture.

20 Most Incredible Sculptures You Must See
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