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4 sanitary ware from natural stone for your bathroom decoration project

publicat in: Bathroom // Publicata pe 13.09.2018

Using sanitary ware from natural stone is not new, considering that in the beginning, this was the material of choice for shower trays, toilets and bagthroom sinks. Later, technological progress and economic reasons promoted the replacement of stone with new materials: ceramics, sanitary porcelain, stainless steel, wood or glass. However, elegant design and fresh styles have re-introduced natural stone to the bathroom, so these days we have toilets, bathrooms sinks, countertops, shower trays from amny types of natural stones, such as:


1. Bathroom sink – from marble, limestone, onyx, granite or travertine with many shapes and sizes, a symbol of an expensive and elegant design for your bathroom, with often obsolete elements, amazing finishes and colors, conveying and highlighting the magical message of the Earth that allows eternity to be revealed to us these days. Natural stone bathroom sinks and flooring have extended lifetime and represent a solid investement for many future generations, supplying value to your bathroom. Bathroom sinks installed on countertops (bowl shape) and no overflow, are displaying unique colors by highlighting the features of your bathroom. Being quite expensive, you will not find them often in public decoration projects, however restaurants and luxury hotels use them a lot.


2. Bathroom countertop is not actually a part of the sanitary ware category, yet it is associated with bathroom sink, since these will usually go together. The selection criteria for your countertop are well-established, such as: durability, color, type of finish, sensitivity to environmental agents, maintenance. Analyzing every natural stone, you will discover that granite suits best these criteria, typically with polished finish surface. Although a slate countertop has basically the same behavior as granite, it will be more sensitive to scratching. Marble countertops create special effects due to their translucence and the ones from travertine are amazing by color and type of finish. With their 3 cm thickness and standard size of 250 x 65 cm or special cut-to-size, the bathroom countertops are treated with professional solutions and require constant aftercare, due to the high risk of damaging their surface, in spite of having their surface treated. Wipe the surface immediately after spilling the first drop of the corrosive solution on the surface, to avoid a deep penetration into the surface.


3. Natural stone shower trays are rare, because by being quite heavy are risky for bathrooms not located at the ground level and besides, are expensive. For bathrooms at the ground level, there are free-standing shower trays models from granite, marble or travertine, waterproofed for wet spaces. Natural stone shower trays require constant aftercare and they should be cleaned immediately after use.


4. Shower enclosure can be cladded with natural stone. Recommended materials are: granite, slate, marble, travertine. For such projects, flooring needs to be slip-resistant and slate is also often used, alongside white marble. Always select a marble with soft veins, because it withstands better. In terms of durability, granite is the most durable and travertine has a wide color variation, with its warm colors and interesting textures. Cladding shower enclosures always need waterproofing. The shower enclosures from bathroom apartments are waterproofed by the contractor, but those from residential projects, must be waterproofed by the owner. Shower tray is a special detail of the shower enclosure, ideal for shower enclosures claddes with natural stone/ceramic tiles. Travertine shower trays are very popular, because of their rich color variation and amazing effects, but also particular porosity of the honed finish, contributing to its slip resistant properties. 


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4 sanitary ware from natural stone for your bathroom decoration project
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