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5 Tips for Choosing Your Bathroom Countertop

publicat in: Bathroom // Publicata pe 26.11.2018

1. Behaviour in wet spaces

2. Density

3. Durability against abrasive and corrosive agents

4. Appearance

5. Aftercare


Bathroom countertop is designed for supporting a sink or a bowl not attached to the wall. It is produced from a water-resistant material, since bathroom is an area with high humidity and it decide the material to be chosen. Natural stone, composite, ceramics, even MDF as wood based material are the right choices. Natural stone, as a natural, ecological, durable and perfectly sustainable element, is the material that attaches an important added value to the investment.


A couple of ideas will better specify the criteria of choice:

1. Behaviour in wet spaces – is an essential element, since it decides the lifetime of your countertop. Parameters to be taken into account include water absorption rate and porosity, each influencing on the other directly. So, the more porous material, the higher the water absorption. Granite countertop has excellent behavior in wet spaces, with low stone porosity and low water and vapor absorption. Slate is a very good choice because is a high density stone, with low absorption levels. Analysing calcareous stones, more porous, with higher absorbtion rate, marble and travertine countertops are ideal and waterproofed properly will have an excellent behavior in bathroom and an extended lifetime. We recommend installing countertops with 1.8 – 2 cm thickness. 


photo source: greatlakesgm.com


2. Density – another essential condition for an extended lifetime. You have a high stone density and from here, all mechanical parameters translate into an extended lifetime. You have a high compressive strength and a high tensile strength, which makes countertops unresponsive to standard impact. Friction coefficient is not essential for a countertop. Countertops have to be installed only by qualified personnel, because you need to have professional tools for the cutouts.


3. Durability against abrasive and corrosive agents – is another essential detail for choosing a countertop. Usually bathroom countertops are subjected to scratches and especially to accidental spillage of aggressive solutions (corrosive agents). Granite countertops are not sensitive to scratches, yet slate, marble and travertine can be easily scratched. Acid detergents, non-specific, specific acidic cosmetics (nail polish, solvents), can damage natural stone surfaces due to an aggressive behavior. Granite and slate countertops are less sensitive, but marble and granite can be influenced (can be honed). Specific for a bathroom area is the occurrence of mold, resulted from poor ventilation and only removes with specialized solutions.


photo source: greatlakesgm.com


4. Appearance – is one of the criteria of choice. The beauty of marble and travertine makes unclear the typical technical parameters of calcareous stones making it a suitable choices for an important category of customers. Especially for residential projects, where durability against mechanical factors is not essential and the attack of corrosive agents can be managed, both due to owner’s care for his investment, where selecting marble and travertine countertops is more important.


photo source: troygranite.com


5. Aftercare – This element is important because of its associated costs. Granite countertops, require minimal maintenance expenses. Just as slate countertops, provided that are protected from scratching. Marble and travertine countertops require constant aftercare due to accidental staining that might damage the surface. In addition to cosmetics and acid detergents stains, materials can also be stained from descaling agents employed for sink faucets cleaning, mold removal solutions, besides the standard water and soap stains. Countertops have to be protected by warerproofing and then aftercared with profesional washing and cleaning solutions.


PIATRAONLINE recommends natural stone bathroom countertops. Visit our website for a complete range of product, or get in touch with us by email at export@piatraonline.com or by phone at +40.318.222.333

5 Tips for Choosing Your Bathroom Countertop
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