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At-home spa: Ganban spa, Hammam and Finnish tradition

publicat in: Bathroom // Publicata pe 17.07.2017

Since ancient times, natural stone was used for therapeutic properties. For example, the antique roman bathrooms (named thermae) used stone for building and also to bring relaxation for the tired or sick. The Asian people and the population from the Middle East also knew to fully exploit therapeutic effects of natural stone installed in bathrooms. Here are three examples of saunas decorated with natural stone, your inspiration for at-home spa.

Ganban Spa

The Ganbayoku therapy originated 100 years ago in Japan, as alternative to hotel bathrooms from the Japan Empire. The procedure is simple and involves lying on a hot stone bed, rather than actual bath, yet In Japan they still call it bath with stones.

Your lounge next to bathroom can be arranged with one or two hot stone beds. Over last decades, world doctors have acknowledged benefits of hot stones therapy for stimulating metabolism, prevention of ageing process, detoxification and alleviating arthritis pain.

A Ganban bed consists of an electrically heated flooring and a wooden frame of nobble essences, for preventing development of fungi bacteria. Next, frame is filled with medium size stones, polished for your convenience. Gravel or volcanic rock are usually used, because they have therapeutic properties. After setting the electrical heating at 40 – 43 °C, wait until stones discharge a heat pleasant for human body. At this point, you can lay on your hot stone bed for total relaxation.

A Ganban Spa Cabinet, now trendy in the Far East and Western Europe, can use the gravel in our offer for filling the frame. Or, you can use gravel polished by nature.

Mosaic, Hammam’s basic element 

In fact tradition of Turkish bath begins with Roman thermae: the Ottomans took the idea and added their own cultural elements. The Hammam atmosphere is different compared to sauna, since humidity is still high, yet temperature is lower, like 40-50 °C, so you can spend more time in a hammam. Beside the colored glass and marble elements, mosaic is an important element in a Turkish bath.

For more details on mosaics from our offer, click here.

House Turkish bath is usually located in semi-basement, with mosaic as the basic element for decorating a hammam. Flooring, relaxing benches, the semi-buried bath tub and the massage table (tables) are fully cladded with mosaic. This material can be installed on walls, for protection against effects of wet spaces.

Hammam decoration needs a 20 -30 sqm space in semi-basement. The damp heat from interior will contrast pleasantly with the cool feeling supplied by stone benches and flooring cladded in mosaic. Massage tables are also made from stone and surfaces can be cladded with Flexible SKIN Slate.

Since hot water and vapours are everywhere in this space with an oriental twist, sealing is mandatory: we recommend using professional sealing solutions such as LTP Color Intensifier for surface protection and highlighting gloss of different mosaic types.

Finnish Sauna: lounge from stone and wood

Nordic people always knew how to fully exploit benefits of natural materials buildings: wood and stone. Dry Finnish sauna is one of the most popular house decorations with therapeutic effects. It may sound surprising, but building a classic Finnish sauna is not that difficult as it may seem. There are available many types of electrical heating dry saunas with infrared, yet nothing beats a classic sauna cabin, made from natural materials.

Naturally, you will have to make some compromises, for example using an electric oven for heating the stones, instead of a classic oven with wood. A Finnish sauna is made from stone with wood interior wainscoting. Usually, a stone wall cladding remains uncovered, with the stone flooring having underfloor heating and a relaxing effect on your soles.

In Scandinavia, sauna is a place for relaxation, in which you spend more time. They solved the issue of high temperatures by removing humidity from these rooms, hence the name dry sauna. Pour some water drops over hot stones, for shaping a more pleasant atmosphere for the human body. The expelled vapours will have a deep cleaning effect on your skin and help with body detoxification.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your decoration project, give us a call at + 4 0318 222 333 or visit our showroom from Aleea Teisani nr. 137A, Sector 1, Bucuresti, to see the concept spaces!

At-home spa: Ganban spa, Hammam and Finnish tradition
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