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Bathroom Decoration – How to Install Travertine in Your Shower Cabin

publicat in: Do it yourself // Publicata pe 13.10.2017

Highlighted by a warm and well balanced appearance, travertine gained popularity in Romania lately as a high-quality material with natural look used for decoration projects. Installed in bathrooms, this natural stone conveys a calm and relaxed setting, infused with originality. For further details, visit the category dedicated to travertine!

How to Install Travertine Tiles in Your Shower Cabin?
Travertine can be installed on rigid underlays such as cement based plaster or drywall. For travertine installed on drywall, you will need twice as much screws for fixing, due to significant weight and to prevent detaching of drywall from structure. Also, we recommend to install a galvanized steel post rabitz wire attached to the structure. Last but not least, make sure your underlay is flat and even.

Use a suitable adhesive based on white cement (grey cement based adhesives could infiltrate colors through tile, due to relative humidity within materials), applied on both wall and the back of the tile.

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Leave a space between travertine tiles using plastic spacers. In this way, the distance between tiles will be even and this will later allow you to apply grout for joints. During installation, keep tile contour clean.

Install travertine tiles and allow 24 hours until adhesive is dried. Then, remove plastic spacers and apply grout onto the open grouting spaces. Avoid spreading grout all over the surface, if you want a clean and perfectly finished travertine. During installation, use a sponge for wiping and do not allow to dry over the surface.

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We recommend using LTP Mattstone, a powerful sealer, suitable for all types of cladding and flooring. This solution seal the pores without modifying surface, thus providing increased durability against stains of coffee, wine or other liquids. Furthermore, LTP Mattstone can be used in wet spaces. Besides LTP Mattstone, you should also consider LTP MPG Sealer, a solution that offers unique protection and seals on a nano-level structure. This is a colorless treatment with a special formula for polished tiles, suitable for cladding and flooring.

Sealed natural stone tile – water drops remain on the surface

LTP Color Intensifier & Stainblock is a powerful sealer used for color enhancing, which retains a natural finish after treatment. This product can be also used in wet spaces such as bathrooms, around swimming pools and in interior and exterior areas.
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Bathroom Decoration – How to Install Travertine in Your Shower Cabin
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