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Bathroom Decoration Project | Discover 8 tips for a modern bathroom

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As the space that greets you in the morning, what ambience would you prefer for your bathroom?


It’s been quite a while since bathroom is no longer consider a space for basic needs, but a personal sanctuary, a spa aimed at relaxation. As a privacy area of your house, bathroom includes many options to relieve your daily stress: a hot, steamy bath while reading your favorite novel, but also a place to find inspiration. Thus, bathroom is a space for starting your day, with your personal rituals and an area to conclude it. Did you know that average person spends approximately 1.5 years of life in the bathroom? Therefore, if you consider your needs, bathroom decoration project becomes much easier. Every element you bring into this space has a purpose, contributing to your personal moments of relaxation.



Decoration are long-term projects and you don't know where to start and finish, especially if you are confused with so many ideas for your bathroom. How do we obtain our favorite space by combining ideas developed in time and especially how to assume our choices as correct without expert assistance? Especially for you and your bathroom decoration project we have selected the most important tips to remember for your desired space, in line with the current trends.


1. How to choose colors for a modern bathroom decoration project?

It's definitely not a stage when you close your eyes and name the color you like! Of course, color should define you, as an extension of your personality, yet you need to be careful with your wishes, since these should match the rest of the setting. A tip for this stage is to remember the classic rule: choose maximum 3 colors to combine in your bathroom, two for complementing each other and one as color touch. Starting with this classic rule you can build a list of several variations, considering that small bathrooms will need colors that creates the sensation of space – colors such as white, light blue, pastel green. Also, neutral colors are ideal especially if you want to create that relaxed ambience you desire. Also, dark and strong colors can be used in a bathroom. They will create an elegant and refined ambience, but this variant is ideal for large, spacious bathrooms.


2. Decorating modern bathrooms in pastel colors

Pastel colors have their special place in interior design – a comeback to the retro style of the Seventies, also bringing forward a touch of modern contemporary with their simplicity. The pastel colors are the right tools for bringing color to your bathroom in a discreet way. It can be used for both walls and flooring, but also for furniture and fabrics. This alternative of pastel colors – you will find a quite wide range – will improve your space without overwhelming it it.



Pastel means more than trivial shades of beige, touches that create a calm and serene atmosphere, ideal for your bathroom, able to color without congesting space. Of the current shades there are a few that stand out, available for your bathroom decoration project: pastel purple with lavender, rose pink, open peach and lime yellow and the intense green captivated shades similar with avocado or sage. These colors are perfect for touches of wood, natural stone and metallic equipments. If you have enough space, throw in some plants for daily refreshing your space.



3. Mediterranean beiges for modern bathroom decorations

As much as we want to believe otherwise, statistics designate Mediterranean style as Romania’s most popular. The most popular are soft shades of cream, beige and white for matching any other colors and even other natural materials. A beige shaded decorated seems much brighter, spacious and the loved warm atmosphere. Beige is an option of color used successfully for long and narrow bathrooms / very small bathrooms.



4. White and black bathroom decoration

This daring combination of black and white is very popular and pleases many tastes, styles and needs – from the elegant, sumptuous and majestic spaces to industrial, minimalistic rooms. Of course, we have here a daring selection – the self explanatory spaces with the two noncolors are rendering totally different personalities, yet the ideal house bathroom. The main objective is to obtain a sanctuary of relaxation that makes you feel as timeless as natural stone. The only color touch allowed in a white and black bathroom is green, in different shades.



5. Natural stone cladding and flooring for modern bathrooms

Besides the traditional ceramic tiles for your bathroom decoration project, current trends use natural stone. This is a much more creative and enjoyable solution, considering the unicity of a natural material. Another benefit comes from versatility of natural stone, starting with the smallest size (travertine mosaics, marble), up to the largest (Arabescato / Aphrodite marble slabs), a wide range for helping you complete all your creative ideas. Moreover, keep in mind that natural stone cladding, besides their benefit of a wide color variation, can be successfully used in wet spaces, such as bathrooms, where surfaces make contact with water and steam. Being a natural material, stone will obtained the desired relaxation of a bathroom.



The versatility of natural stone allows you to use it for decorating a small bathroom, but also for a more spacious area. Based on your preferences, PIATRAONLINE portfolio includes a wide range of natural stones for a perfect fit. Bathroom decoration projects with marble will bring you closer to the typical elegance from glossy magazines, creating unique moments. Travertine is also ideal for bathroom cladding, due to its wide color variation. Besides, travertine is also durable, conveying a warm and intimate air in your bathroom. As as an alternative solution, you will also find atypical models of granite (compared to standard granite) such as Black Galaxy or Extra Blueif you decide for a black and white bathroom.



6. The ideal tub for your modern bathroom

It looks like your bathroom begins to take shape already, therefore we move on to sanitary ware, with their essential purpose. A bath tub for example, is the medium that transport you on this relaxing journey, so you will need to consider several factors – bathroom’s size, desired shape and material.


The island bath is the type of tub you see in movies or magazines, where you will definitely get lost every night. Its cocoon shape supports perfectly the shape of the human body, providing a maximum level of comfort. The advantage of this type of bathtub is that it can be manufactured in many shapes, sizes and models and can be accommodated anywhere in the bathroom, as long as you have enough space. And even outside your bathroom. You can even accommodate it outside your bathroom, because apparently, the 2019 trends take it out of the bathroom and place it in the bedroom. With a reasonable budget, you will definitely enjoy a marble tub as the amazing element of your space.



The corner tub is a popular model thanks to its versatility. In spite of being a pretty roomy model, it will match perfectly any chosen style and most importantly, will save you bathroom space.


The natural stone shower tray is the ideal solution for a small bathroom or if you want to optimize the available space as much as possible. For something even more amazing and more durable than a shower enclosure, you can have a travertine / marble shower tray. Since quite a few centuries ago, natural stone is famous as a perfect material for wet spaces, such as bathrooms or swimming pools. A natural material will always convey a touch of style, creating that genuine ambience, in spite of any chosen design. Natural stone is very durable and needs minimum aftercare in the long term, yet upon installation you need to apply it a correct treatment, precisely to ensure its durability. Durability and its minimum aftercare are not the only benefits if you choose it for your bathtub. The natural shades of "cappuccino" beige marble convey a feeling of tranquility, while travertine’ "latte" shades will deliver your own corner of heaven. These warm colors are best matched by wood (natural or wenge), but also wrought iron or chromed elements.


Selecting a marble / travertine shower tray for you bathroom decoration project will offer you a private and personal space. As a result, you will obtain the ambience for leaving behind your daily activities and find time for yourself.


7. Light decides the ambience of a modern bathroom

Walls and flooring of a bathroom are not the only elements you need to keep in mind for a bathroom decoration project. Light and lighting sources are essential for a bathroom decoration project, when everyone wants large windows for allowing in the fresh air and natural light. In case you’re not lucky and you do not have these windows, we can offer you some tips to find the best solutions for your desired atmosphere. The recessed lighting objects are perfect for illuminating the entire room from the top and you can even include some in the shower / bathroom area. Since every bathroom has a mirror for refreshing purposes, you will find out that a lighting system placed above helps a lot. After all, you can install an electronic light dimmer for helping you adjust the light according to your needs and moods. Another way of bringing light into the bathroom is by mirrors – the second window. Also, the use of light colors – white, cream – will amplify the space, bringing sunlight even in the darkest spaces.


8. Modern bathroom decoration project with plants and natural stone

These two elements are closely connected with our true nature. For your bathroom decoration project, you can have multiple combinations, yet remember that natural materials convey positive energy, inducing a state of tranquility and relaxation. Plants and floral elements will help you balance the bathroom energies, lighting the bathroom and small natural stone decorations will bring you closer to your nature and yourself. The design of your bathroom is as important as the bathroom decoration project.



A modern bathroom decoration project takes time, but the result will be spectacular. Considering a few simple rules, such as choosing the suitable color for your space, durable materials for wet spaces and adding small details such as plants and light, the bathroom will become your oasis of relaxation. In all this seeting, let’s not forget the natural materials, essential for your home, if you want an intimate, personal space, athe type of daily sanctuary. Materials such as natural stone or wood bring you closer to nature, helping you create a durable, stable, long-lasting space. Besides, the available shapes of natural stone will turn your creative ideas into reality. If you plan to decorate a modern bath or even an entire house, we invite you to visit our website and get in touch with us by email at export@piatraonline.com or by phone at +40.318.222.333 You will ve able to choose the most beautiful materials, creating a modern space, designed for your accomplishment.

Bathroom Decoration Project | Discover 8 tips for a modern bathroom
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