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Ceramic tile plinth vs. natural stone plinth. Do we really need the plinth?

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 12.01.2018

You have a wide range of plinths available: wood, polyurethane, metal, ceramic tiles, natural stone. Regardless of material and form, they all have a double purpose - aesthetic and practical. "Practically" means that for protecting the wall against accidental bumps and dirt, making it easier to maintain. How many times did not happen to drop a bowl full of water on the floor, and the splashes taint the walls just a few inches tall from the floor? At that time, you would have liked to have a plinth there ...

If there is no shadow of a doubt regarding the practicality of plinth, we will first insist on the aesthetic function of the plinth, covering in the end the aspect of differences between materials, such as the sandstone tile compared to the marble or travertine ... Apparently, the plinth is just a strip whose color has to match with the rest of the space, but the way it interacts with the ensemble is much more complex, as we will see.

Aesthetics of plinths
The colors that need to be matched can come from four directions: the wall, the floor, the decorative borders of the door and the furniture. With furniture, it is the least advisable to try a matching, because the furniture can be changed anytime at longer or shorter intervals. Under these conditions we will report to the floor, which can be in completely chromatic disagreement or with slightly different shade.

A plinth of the same color as the wall is an aesthetically unnecessary investment, because it will not be distinguished from the wall, but it still remains a good thing to protect the wall against damage, as we have already said. Let's illustrate two possibilities with a white wall as a benchmark: 1) a Classic travertine floor matched with a plinth of the same material (underlines continuity) or 2) a Classic Travertine floor is associated with Latte travertine (lightweight color delimitation).

Decorative framing from doors and window sills are other elements that can be comfortably combined with the plinths. Vertical white cladding can be combined with black decorative plinths, sills or decorative frames, making each other more visible. Natural stones also have the highest expressivity in the case of plinths, which can only be attained with wood, sometimes.

Ceramic tile plinths, iron or sheet board plinths rarely manage to aesthetically enhance the space, and many of them, due to poor quality materials and fastening systems, cannot protect the wall.

Dimensions| Differences| Diversity

Framings, window sills, plinths can have the same size, and thanks to this constant, the tiles convey majestic elegance to the rooms. Hence, there is another great advantage that PIATRAONLINE offers: the same material suitable for the plinth is perfectly functional for window sills, framings or fireplaces. In this very simple way, the small pieces of natural stone found in the "floor plinths" represent a creative solution that stimulates the space, which cannot be replaced by ceramic tile or other synthetic material.

We speak here different shades and textures from one product to another in this category of plinths. The beauty of marble, granite or travertine plinths will always exceed the monotony of a plinth made of ceramic tile, plastic or polyurethane.

There is a wide variety of sizes of these natural stone tiles: 7 x 61 x 1.3 cm, 7 x 60 x 2 cm, 7 x 60 x 1 cm, 6.5 x 61 x 1.2 cm, etc. The diversity of the PIATRAONLINE plinths does not stop there, because we still have differences derived from processing the edge: beveled or no bevel, half bullnose.

Most of the plinths have a polished surface, but we also find brushed finish sheets. We have colors ranging from white to creamy, brown or pigmented, suited for stylish, sober styles, but also for the most relaxed, Mediterranean or rustic.

Therefore, the plinths made available by PIATRAONLINE exceed in all situations the dull plinths made of plastic or tiles, offered by other merchants.

As you can see, the plinths have a double, well-defined role of protecting the wall and floor and for decorating the whole space. For further details regarding the decoration projects that use plinths, you can get in touch with us over the phone +40318.222.333 or by email at export@piatraonline.com.

Ceramic tile plinth vs. natural stone plinth. Do we really need the plinth?
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