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Discover 6 natural stones for your bathroom decoration project

publicat in: Bathroom // Publicata pe 13.09.2018

A bathroom decoration project with natural stone has to follow a set of requirements, such as: slip-resistant and mold resistant features, light weight for avoiding the overload of underlay and a stain resistant surface. Flooring becomes slippery in wet spaces, therefore always consider the friction coefficient when choosing your stone. Yet, higher friction coefficient means also a higher porosity which implies higher budget for maintenance. With this in mind, you need to make a compromise. Remember that honed and tumbled finishes are best suited for a safe floor.


You can clad your walls with any tiles you like, but it is better to have thinner, thus lighter tiles and any type of finish.


Analyzing more types of stone for bathroom decoration project, we have:


1. Slate is durable and its classical elegance recommends it for public areas and besides, it is ideal for underfloor heating systems. Slate’s texture has a slip resistant feature and its aftercare is very simple. The slate flooring is an excellent choice for public bathrooms and restrooms. Slate cladding conveys quality and ellegance.


2. Marble transmits elegance and besides it gives you the feeling of a larger space plus individualit and style, and it is also ideal for underfloor heating systems. Light-coloured marble claddings create a fascinating feeling because of its translucence. The marble flooring has a sleek, special look and excellent thermal conductivity. Mosaic marble decoration projects deliver a special magic feeling in both residential bathrooms and elegant public restrooms. Marble has medium porosity and requires professional treatments.


3. Granite is very durable against scratches or cracks and is actually one of the most durable natural stones. It withstands the action of water and acids and it does not get easily stained. Having a wide color variation, granite flooring is durable and sustainable, easy to maintain and it looks great. It is recommended to use thinner tiles for cladding, for avoiding wall overloading. Granite is a perfect match for public restrooms, having low maintenance expenses due to its minimum maintenance. Moreover, granite is ideal in medium and high traffic and is perfectly compatible with underfloor heating systems. Polished granite requires treatment at extended time frames, while other types of finishes have to be treated after installation.


4. Limestone is a durable and medium porous natural stone. Its gentle colors conveys a sense of tranquility. Its honed and tumbled finishes induces and amplifies the feeling of relaxation, it has a good thermal conductivity and it stains easily.  The Vratza limestone floors have a slightly obsolete look. Limestones are rocks containing skeletons of ancient marine organisms (shells etc.), contributing fully to the unique character of claddings. Panels are a unique category of cladding, imagined for restoring the images of ancient times. One of its advantages is the constant color variation which allows easy project extensions. Limestone needs to be treated with professional solutions.


5. With its special look, travertine satisfies any taste in terms of color and texture. It maintains constant quality parameters in time. The gentle, obsolete colors, convey an enhanced dignity to your claddings. The combinations of finishes (polished and honed, travertine tiles and mosaic) will create a one of a kind bathroom. Travertine mosaics claddings in amazing textures are fascinating by elegance and style, while travertine claddings for shower enclosure are unique (travertine tiles). Travertine has a good thermal conductivity and it is easy to replace broken tiles. Moreover, travertine is sensitive to scratches and stains, it has medium porosity and needs to be treated with professional solutions. It is recommended for public areas as long as it is regularly treated.


6. Onyx, semi-precious stone with limited usage and primitive colors, is normally used for touches. However, in the bathroom, onyx is ideal for cladding; onyx mosaic is absolutely unique.


These are the natural stones used for bathroom decoration projects and promoted by PIATRAONLINE. For #generatinginspiration, visit our website and enjoy the exhibition of natural stone!

Discover 6 natural stones for your bathroom decoration project
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