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Discover what tattoos and constructions have in common

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 12.01.2018

Man has been tattooing for thousands of years. Evidence of tattoos is widespread throughout the world. As signs of adolescent initiation rituals, spiritual or magical connections, trademarks of outlaws, signs of membership to certain groups, indications of social status, and many others, tattoos have today come to be considered a true art.

The great cities of the world are full of tattoo salons, and tattoo designers have become true pop culture artists, even becoming subjects in reality-show TV shows. From here until the tattooing of the buildings it was only one step away.

It is interesting to note how the built space - opposed to natural space - has entered into the consciousness of modern man so much that it has come to be drawn on the skin. The interpretation of these drawings remains open: strictly aesthetic value, a critical and facile attitude to society, the sign of a loving memory, sign of membership to a community etc.

More complex or minimalist, the structure of these drawings is obviously the mark of contemporary art. As one can see (not only in the photos in this article), the most popular are the opulent tattoos, with many graphic or chromatic details. Paradoxically, although they choose flamboyant tattoos, young people prefer minimalism in decoration projects, both interior and exterior.

So, why then people decide to get a tattoos with cathedrals – which is complex architecture, by definition? Simply because it looks good? In parallel, with the increasing number of buildings and thus the straight lines, the most common tattoos are made up of curved lines, inspired by New Zealand. It is said that most representative for us are the things that we keep most closely.

As far as the skin is concerned – as close as it gets! - it is easy to understand that the choice of tattoos is based on a series of obsessions, preferences, intimate meanings. No studies have been made (yet!) to see what kind of decoration project will choose a person  tattooed with a complicated drawing: rich vein marble or a monochrome tile without veins.

At the same time you should notice the design of objects, which tends to be simpler, in automobiles, laptops, chairs but also pens, office lamps, cameras etc. The same goes for fashion, urban architecture - see the office buildings...

Could it be that these tattoos be filled by lines (straight or curved) represent a riot, perhaps even unintentional, against those simplifications of form brought from the beginning of the last century into the abstract area. The exterior, in general, gets more reductive, so that it can take on a wide range of meanings.

As the abstract or essentially simple form is today loaded with explicit meanings of the most diverse, perhaps through the tattooed buildings the contemporary man feels the need of returning to art with the implicit, visible meanings ... For the art and the object that means something above the explanations, visible from the first contact.

Can contemporary man express through these complicated tattoos the identity crisis he has confronted with an increasingly exterior and interior design reduced to purely practical, functional aspects?

Does our contemporary man, young or not so young, remain in the slipstream of graphic minimalism in the world that surrounds him (so the living space) because he feels better like that? He prefers minimalist decoration style on the background of an agitated life, because the graphic and chromatic "silence" attracts obviously fewer visual factors that disturb and stress him? And because his soul still needs meaning and symbols to vibrate against, the contemporary man rediscovers and revaluates the tattoo in a completely different context, compared to his ancestor 5000 - 6000 years ago?

Regardless of the answer, it remains to be analyzed the massive presence of tattoos with buildings on the body of our contemporaries and the psychological connection between this trend and the way in which interior design will evolve in the years to come. In here we could have a sign (sic!).

One thing is certain, however: many of those who do it, prefer sharp and tall roofs. So, apart from other speculations, some optimism, high aspirations and attraction to imposing buildings, we could decipher to support these choices.

Photo source: archdaily.com

Discover what tattoos and constructions have in common
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