Treating natural stone used in exterior design projects

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Treating natural stone used in exterior design projects

In the case of exterior design projects, it’s important to know that the special solution used should let the natural stone “breathe” to allow moisture to penetrate from under the tiles towards the surface (for instance: LTP Mattstone and LTP Colour Intensifier – for dry seasons, LTP Mattstone H20 – for wet seasons). It’s also good to know that natural stones installed outside can experience efflorescence which is the process of water coming up to the surface and bringing along with it the salts and minerals that are found in the below layers of cement, mortar, soil or even stone.

Before applying the sealant, make sure the stone is clean and dry. You should remove any residue such as old sealant, dirt or organic matter (algae etc.). You can do this by using the LTP Grimex which is a colors intensifier. In order to use this product for cleaning, mix a solution of one part LTP Grimex and three parts water. Then apply it onto the stone using a sponge or brush and leave it in for 5 to 30 minutes, depending on how dirty the stone is. If some areas start to dry, reapply the liquid to keep the surface wet.

For more difficult stains, you can leave the solution on during the night. Afterwards, clean the stone with water and remove the residue with the help of a pressure pump. Let the stone dry for 24 hours before sealing it. The surface must be completely dry when applying the solution.

Very important!
1. Animals should be kept away from the cleaning area.
2. Wipe off any solution that has come into contact with metals, textiles or painted surfaces.
3. Do not use the cleaning solution on warm surfaces.
4. Do not apply the solution if you think it is going to rain afterwards.
5. Avoid emptying the container in rivers or lakes and avoid spilling it on plants.

Shake the sealant container before opening it. The solution should be applied evenly on the surface of the stone using a special applicator, brush or soft cloth. Absorbent stone should receive multiple coats of sealant, even without waiting for the previous layer to dry. Remove excess sealant with an absorbent cloth after 15 minutes. Do not let the residue dry on the surface of the stone and do not step on the area for 3 hours after you have sealed it. Protect it from moisture for the next 3 days.

General maintenance
Weekly or even daily, use a hose and a brush to remove gravel, dust or debris from walkways, parking spaces or terraces built with natural stone. Once a year or once every 6 months, use LTP Grimex to clean up dirt, as described above.

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