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Japanese sculptor Akie Nakata and her realistic natural stone animals

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 12.03.2018

Akie Nakata is not a computer expert, nor does she destroy fashion patterns. In a high-tech Japan, with the thin line between man and robot getting thinner each year, Akie Nakata reanimates the stone, by gently recalling the spirit of her ancestors.

The idea of ​​painting the stones is not new, the cavemen used it thousands of years ago, to depict animal images, local gods or tools. Using natural dyes very difficult to replicate today, the earliest artists used naive painting to exhibit their talent and reproduce their experiences. More pragmatic, the contemporary artists create patterns, forcing reality to become constant and dull. The painted stone becomes ordinary or, more simply, is absorbed by a mundane world, as a mere stamp of reality.

In this amorphous holographic world, we find Akie, a young girl who perceives nature in a high-tech Japan, by guiding herself to the shapes and words of the stones, not necessarily looking for them and finding those on the river banks.

She begins painting in 2011, with a rabbit shaped rock brought to life. She works simultaneously on searching stones and understanding the character of the animals she paints. And from this symbiosis come original, alive artistic works. Each animal is shrunk to fit your palm and "applied" in acrylic colors on a stone whose form has to replicate as close as possible the shape of that animal. It is the right shape and colors that give life to the painted animal.

Now try to picture having many stones with different shapes for you to choose from, so that one of these could talk to you and reveal its intentions. When you are able to comprehend the message, you are prepared for the art of Akie Nakata. Only then, will you understand the confessions of the animal hiding beneath the stone. And the stone itself will tell its story.

This is the testimony of Akie's faith shared by other artists as well, lacking the fear of being ridiculous and painting the stones with elegance, grace, skill and love. Ernestina Gallina, unravelling the stones message, Lin Wellford with her hardened flower collection, Laurie Waddell using stone as a canvas, all the works of these female artists represent similar to Akie Nakata, a tribute to the life hiding underneath the stone.

Among them, Akie labors at perceiving the hidden meanings in a typical Japanese way, mostly intuitive and emotional, vibrating with the Shintoistic approach that blends the present with the future.

This is Akie Nakata, giving life to the wise Japanese belief, according to which "Sometimes the leaf will drown and the stone will float".

Photo Source: magazine.b2zone.com


Japanese sculptor Akie Nakata and her realistic natural stone animals
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