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The splitface finish is always fascinating in natural stone

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 14.03.2018

The splitface finish creates a surface with small bumps or cracks more or less notable, for a "natural" look, as if the stone had just been extracted from the quarry, out of the wind and the rain. The splitface finish is obtained with high-precision machines, making sure there is no risk of developing further cracks or splits. This type of finish is a perfect fit for many decoration projects, divided in 2 categories.

The first category is the archaic, rural, Mediterranean approach in most cases; the second category consists of ultramodern finishes, where a wall cladded with splitface natural stone could be a unique touch accent, as a contrasting accent.

Before giving an example, we should mention that almost all natural stones can have splitface finish: travertine, marble, quartzite, granite etc. The products with splitface finish include natural stone mosaic, claddings and tiles. Among other features, these type of products have the advantage of easy installation and storage.

Photo 1

The splitface finish transmits calm and relaxation, as if the contact between stone and nature would take place directly, while you were on a mountain, in absolute silence. It is perhaps due to this sensation often perceived in a space decorated with natural stone that many people prefer for their bathrooms the natural stone products with unfinished surface. The splitface travertine from Photo 1 creates a perfect atmosphere in combination with tumbled travertine. The combination is subtle, yet the more relaxing. Of course, all the stone presented in here, especially for the bathroom, was waterproofed!

Photo 2

Photo 3

In the above images (Photo 2 and Photo 3), the splitface stone makes the contrast mentioned at the beginning. In both cases, the difference is at the color and texture levels, the most important being in the case of the travertine from the Photo 3. Compared to the glossy accents of the materials in the living room (wood, stainless steel, glass etc.), the more harsh and elegantly-distinct is the cladding with splitface travertine. The rough and unprocessed the stone, the more stylish is highlighted in that space.

Photo 4

Photo 5

Although is less recommended for the kitchen, the splitface stone can be also used as countertop. Our constant recommendation for the PIATRAONLINE customers is to avoid the splitface surface in such conditions, because it is a more difficult to maintain, the ideal solution for countertop being a glossy or honed finish stone. HOWEVER, for those that will not require much a countertop as an area for preparing dinner and have also other place – such a table or an "island" - the countertop can also have splitface finish.

As you can see, the splitfaced natural stone can be easily used both in combination with the wood and with another natural stone. The kitchen from the photo 4, features a higher contrast and in the photo 5 the chromatic disparity registers a lower level. We emphasize for both kitchens the excellent color balance - 2 main colors plus a few "drops" of completely different colors that serve to maintain the atmosphere and reveal the stylistic unity of the room.

Photo 6

For many people, especially in Romania, the bedroom is considered as the place with glossy surfaces, no matter the materials: wood, stone, composite materials. Photo 6 is a clear proof of the fact that the bedroom with glossy finishes is one of the many prejudices about interior design. Splitface natural stone is a natural fit for a bedroom decoration project. It's just a matter of taste and imagination!

The unfinished surface combined with the delicacy of other surrounding materials conveys elegance, freshness and a unique note to that space. Last but not least, the stone color vibrates perfectly near the shades of grey, white and natural wood tones. Natural wood is not immediately noticed, yet it is there exactly for creating a subtlety of different emphasis.

Photo 7

Splitface stone can be cladded to almost any type of surface in any type of space. An example is the above picture (photo 7), where it is used to decorate the bar in an apartment. The whole space is built on modern lines, volumes and textures, except for the façade of the bar. Here, the splitface stone is the main point of attraction, as if everything has been built for creating it the most favorable position and the most suitable setting for expressing itself.

This should always be the purpose of natural stone: the main part because it has the unique talent to always fascinate by a show that other materials will never be able to put on stage.

To discover our wide range of materials with splitface surface, give us a call at+40318.222.333 or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com.

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The splitface finish is always fascinating in natural stone
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