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Interior design: 5 mistakes that you can easily avoid

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 22.12.2017

The culture of space – for living or working – is still developing in Romania. The reasons can be explained easily, but we will not deal with that now. It is astonishing, however, that, with the huge set of examples that feature elegant and modern arrangements with different decoration styles, the Romanians, regardless of social class and income, demonstrate dubious tastes. And when we talk about many examples, we're referring to hundreds, perhaps thousands of websites filled with pictures showing what a tastefully decorated space looks like. Think of the saying "In matters of taste, there can be no disputes". This is wrong and we still have a lot to discuss up to that point.

No matter how weird it seems, the mistakes in the field of interior design come from ignorance or failing to comply with elementary principles. 1) fewer objects means more free space, 2) less free space means more freedom of movement and relaxation 3) maximum two dominant colors 4) more airy geometric structures 5) more natural light 6) combining vaporous materials with the massive ones for highlighting a fluid, relaxing state 7) creating a contrast zone 8) over small surfaces, combining materials with similar textures.

Here are some examples of decoration projects. We will see how big changes take place with relatively low costs in materials, but with big investments in ... creativity.

Example 1



In the Example A, the biggest change is the brightness of the room. From there comes the tension and the moody atmosphere before the decoration project. If we add the geometry of the space pushed on the right side of the room, where the lines break the balance, we realize that a change is needed. "After" we discover another bathroom, bright, relaxing, with no geometric flashiness. White marble countertops fit perfectly into the setting. The grey of the furniture and the light bulbs resonate exactly as it should with the dominant white.

Example 2



In example 2, the freshness of the "After" is more than obvious. Besides the relaxing and refreshing colors, a major role was reserved for the windows adjustment: they’re now are bigger, allowing more light to get in. "Before" is the living pattern we see in many Romanian houses: the eternal brown that ages the space and rarely finds a chromatic partner to make it more playful.

Example 3



Example 3 can be considered a forced comparison between the two decoration projects, but we also support it by demonstrating that a dominant brown in a room is a lost cause, even if you have beams on the ceiling. The beams are a safe bet in 99% of cases. We emphasize in the decorated room the linearly divided wall in small, well-proportioned spaces that create the so-called "honeycomb" feeling, through which a wall is aerated, adding depth into a small room. Obviously, the white plays hard and wins here as well.

Example 4



For the decoration project in this example we skip over the obvious drawback of creamy color uninspired hang on the ceiling and we stop at the daring solution of the painted wall in dark blue. A single-color wall, natural stone cladded eventually, as we have written on this blog, creates the feeling of spatiality. The wall behind the headboard equally shares the domination over the bedroom with the white ceiling. The contrast is strong, yet relaxing. If "before" was like a box with a piece of white "crushed" on the ceiling, after the renovation the white is even bigger, lighting up the space.

Example 5



Example 5, in the "forward" version, might not have been so serious if it had no rug that cluttered the room and so overwhelming because of the color variation. In here we do not have, as in the previous examples, a replacement of an outdated arrangement from the 1980s to something contemporary, but a 30s-style approach. The floral motifs find their perfect display here, resulting in an example of lavishly decorated space without being overwhelming.

These are simple decoration solutions, to be understood by everyone.

Interior design: 5 mistakes that you can easily avoid
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