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We currently live in a stressed world that lead to development of therapies that involve resting in peaceful, natural environments, spending time in the garden or backyard, as a natural remedy for our tired organism. In this context we plan to spend more time in the garden, either actually working or resting or practicing suitable sports.


1. Choosing the location

2. Preparing the barbecue location


With all these activities, preparing dinner became an element of our life, for staying close to nature. Garden barbecues help us for preparing dinner. In terms of structure, we have 2 options: mobile barbecue and built-in barbecues. The latter is the traditional solution. You need to carefully choose a location for installing a built-in barbecue in your garden, because its weight does not allow to move it around.


1. Choosing the location

It should be selected according to our desires and possibilities. Here are some criteria you should keep in mind:


available space – obviously the garden should have enough space for accommodating a barbecue


power supply mode – barbecues can work with wood (charcoal), gas, electricity. A wood-burning barbecue can be located virtually anywhere in your garden or backyard, but the fire protection must be kept in mind. A gas-operated barbecue needs an appropriate power plant, similar to the electric barbecue. Installation limitations (e.g. cable routing or pipe paths) are aspects that should be considered when selecting a location.


type of barbecue – mobile or built-in; mobile and charcoal-powered can be located virtually anywhere. 


barbecue size – there are several sizes of traditional barbecue that should be considered when selecting your location


general plan for area landscaping – it is essential to consider a landscaping plan that includes ideas for the area we are planning to install the barbecue. Should we consider having dinner in there, then it must be sized to match the furniture. Food preparation area is another aspect we should consider. The general plan should also include the distance from the house.


environmental conditions – influence the choice of location. Unsheltered areas with high wind exposure should be avoided. Wind can spread dangerous sparks or carry the soot on the house walls. In Romania, strong winds (Crivat) blows from N-E to S-V. Excessively humid places are also to be avoided.


soil quality – soft, swampy lands are forbidden, just like downhill areas.


2. Preparing the barbecue location

As soon as we have selected the barbecue location we will proceed to the next step: preparation. To ensure an extended lifetime for your garden barbecue it is recommended to have a concrete foundation. For this, you have the next steps:


underlining the area – this will be much larger compared to the actual barbecue area, by 10 – 15 cm. Measure surface and use poles for underlining corners.


removing vegetation – ground must be cleaned from plants or grass from the surface.


excavation and making sure you have a drain slope – with traditional tools (hoe, pickaxe, spade, shovel) a hole of approx. 15 cm depth is made. For water drainage, a 1-2 cm slope / linear metre is required. After the digging, you need to compact the soil; for this use a plank (larger and long as the width of the pit, placed on the ground and moved along the pit) and a rubber mallet.


execution of a formwork (appropriate method for large garden barbecues and garden oven) – it will be placed in the pit and will serve to pour the concrete. Basically it makes a rectangle out of the plank depicting the pit walls and corresponding size.


spreading a crushed stone layer – layer of aproximately 5 cm of gravel on the bottom of the pit. Plank walls will prevent gravel from spreading.


connection to utilities network – if necessary, you need  to connect to gas and electricity networks.


preparing concrete – prepared from cement, sand and water. Recipe: 5 parts sand, 1 part cement and some water. The concrete has the consistency of a hard screed; density is adjusted by the amount of water.


pouring concrete (the first layer, covers about 2/3 in depth) – concrete is poured directly inside the marked surface, between the plank landmarks. Later, it is levelled.


reinforcing concrete – by applying a mesh on the surface, this is a procedure especially recommended for large surfaces, covered with concrete, for avoiding later development of cracks.


pouring concrete (second layer) – reinforcement is covered by a new concrete layer, for filling the formwork.


leveling – The surface must be as smooth as possible, since it will support the grill.


drying – allow concrete to dry.


This is the procedure for making a foundation (base) that will serve as location for your barbecue grill. Another method for making a foundation (ideal for small or medium garden barbecues) is by laying two tiles in the pit, tiles cut from a slate slab. Tiles are placed over mortar shaped as small areas and finally, the surface is levelled.


Concrete foundations are durable and perfectly withstand all mechanical factors. Carried out efficiently, these will provide a steady support for quality garden landscaping. PIATRAONLINE recommends garden barbecues cladded with splitface stone and decorative brick with 3 versions, as well as garden ovens. Garden furniture and accessories will complete the product range, helping you identify a complete garden landscaping plan.


We invite you to visit our website for our full range of products and do not hesitate to to get in touch with us at +40318.222.333 or email: export@piatraonline.com

Landscaping ideas for a garden barbecue
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