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Perfect Mediterranean-style house in Romania

publicat in: General // Publicata pe 17.01.2018

Mediterranean-style constructions are selected usually by those who prefer sun-filled settings, full of plants, flowers, trees and relaxing colors with the shades of the earth (cream, yellow, light brown). At this point it must be underlined that artificial materials cancel any of the defining features mentioned above.

Harmony of colors means relaxing atmosphere
This house managed to observe precisely the environmental characteristics. The exterior is dominated by three main colors: cream, white and red, among which the cream is the most prominent. The first level of the house is a little elevated, elevation that offers an important benefit, both aesthetic and functional: the prospect of having a terrace. This terrace allows the eye not to perceive the building as being aggressively raised from the ground, the passage to the roof being slowly made by the cream color that covers half the wall.

Facade was cladded with splitfaced travertine and its raw texture fits nicely with the surrounding nature. Consider that, for this case, some glossy natural stone tiles would have not been so easily noticed. Obviously, we absolutely exclude the use of ceramic tiles for such projects.

As we approach the building, we discover that the terrace is kept in the same chromatic tone as the house image seen from afar. The home base is white and the edges (tiles for cladding the terrace base) are made of Vratza Limestone Polished cut-to-size slabs (2 cm thickness). Visual comfort is maintained on the terrace as well. The Vratza marble stairs extend fluently with the Classic Cross Cut Travertine French Pattern Set, brushed and chiseled (3 cm thickness).

In here it is important to emphasize the color variation, the textures and the interposition of the finishes in the exterior appearance of the building. The unfinished surfaces of the stone on the terrace floor (Classic Travertine) communicate perfectly and directly with the unfinished surface of the facade claddings and the poles (splitface travertine). The two surfaces in contact have not only an identical finish, but also the shades, both of which are very similar (cream and yellow-brown). And the colors of the terrace and the facade are white: the white paint from the top of the facade and the white of the Vratza limestone from the edge tiles.

Wood, the other main character
Natural stone has found in wood the best partner for thousands of years, in exterior and interior design. A clear example is also found in this residence. The solid wood of the windows and doors perfectly harmonizes with the travertine on the facade and on the terrace. Moreover, the dark brown wood is a chromatic accent that highlight very elegant the natural stone cladding.

What is expected to be an excellent partnership on the outside, we refer here to wood - the natural stone, extends on the inside. Solid wood is beautifully combined with Volakas marble. The wood - naturally-looking wood – is balanced with Volakas marble in almost all spaces: on the entrance hall, in the kitchen, in the bedrooms (3) and the bathrooms (2). We remark the very special achievement of combining the Volakas marble with wood for the kitchen flooring.

Although the overall aspect is that of a Mediterranean home, we still find moderate variations in contemporary elegance, without, in any way, canceling the harmony of the whole. The accents of glamor are especially conveyed by the Volakas marble, famous all over the world for its aristocratic appearance.

Faraway from the artificial character of everyday life
Anyone who wants a Mediterranean-style home must know that natural materials are the key to success in such a decoration project. Natural stone - usually slightly processed. Wood - usually massive. Iron - usually wrought or painted in black. These are the main ingredients. In fact, it's something very natural. It's about getting closer to a more natural atmosphere, thus more relaxed, more welcoming, farther from the throbbing and usually artificial rhythm of everyday life.

For further details on natural stone products that match the Mediterranean style, please get in touch with us by phone +40318.222.333 or email at export@piatraonline.com. Here you will find out why PIATRAONLINE is Generating Inspiration for all interior and exterior decoration projects.

Perfect Mediterranean-style house in Romania
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