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Stone Exterior Stairs | Discover the 999 steps to Heaven’s Gate

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The road to Heaven is paved with natural stone


This might have been a name for a book, yet only a corner of the world created by nature. A wonder of nature shaped between two mountain peaks that gives you the feeling of finally reaching a place where you can meet God – the end of the world and the beginning of heaven. Heaven's Gate is located in the Tianmen Mountains of China, 1500 m altitude and represents the largest eroded cave hole, shaped from soil erosion.



According to legends, the year 263 marks the falling of a large piece of mountain, thus making a huge cavity – 131.5 m tall, 57 m wide and 60 m long – which created this gate that seems excerpted from biblical scenes. At the top of the mountain and the end of the stairs, there is a religious shrine, the Tianmenshan temple, accesible by climbing 999 stairs from natural stone. The Tianmenshan temple was built in 870 and is believed to be the Buddhist center of the Western Hunan.


999 natural stone steps to Heaven’s Gate is not a random number. In the Taoist tradition, this is the supreme number, symbol of the Emperor or the Son of Heaven, thus creating even more mystery. Apart from the 999 stone stairs and if you are not prepared for such an extended climbing, you can jump in a bus that passes over 99 serpentine winding. It feels like being at the border between the Divine Kingdom and the human world, Heaven’s Gate from Tianmen Mountains is a place you have to visit and enjoy in this lifetime.



Heaven’s Gate from Tianmen Mountains is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. Besides its 999 stone stairs that might frighten you, the 99 serpentine winding span over an 11 km length and supposedly might come to life, assuming the shape of a white dragon. Probably the most adrenaline-filled path is The Coiling Dragon Cliff, made of glass and stretching along the mountain 100 m length and approximately and 1.6 m width.




And if you consider that climbing 999 stairs to Heaven’s Gate simply to enjoy the view shaped by nature is crazy, perhaps the next thing will seem even crazier: the Dragon Challenge. Land Rover, along with racing pilot Ho-Pin Tung, set up the biggest challenge – accessing the 99 Serpentine windings, then climbing the 999 stairs to Heaven's Gate with a Land Rover. Beyond the fact that there are 999 stairs, there’s a 45 degrees slope and at some point you will not see anything in front of you, except the sky and the mountain gate. You have to see, to believe it!



Just as the road to Heaven’s Gate is paved with 999 stairs of natural stone, your home can have the same natural ambience in your house. For tourists visiting this plac these steps symbolize an obstacle that can be overcomed after a fierce struggle with the self and the physical, for reaching the boundary between divine and human, but for your home these pieces turn into building elements. Natural stone cladded stairs for the exterior are those elements for highlighting the beauty of the house, but will also lead you to personal comfort.


You don't even need 999 steps, but you will definitely need some granite exterior steps. Although without the marble’s elegance or the warmth conveyed by travertine, granite stairs are the most durable elements of your home. It withstands perfect the seasons and temperature changes, including wet spaces and most importantly, the test of time. Among materials for exterior stairs, you will also in our potfolio materials such as marble, travertine, both with polished and cracked finish. Exterior stairs are not the only elements you can add to your home on the way to your dream place, but you can also clad interior stairs with natural stone.



Choosing the natural stone for the stairs needs to take into account several factors such as the purpose of the staircase, durability against environmental factors, traffic conditions, weight and price. Choosing tile thickness is essential considering that most stairs degrade in time by edge breaking due to deficient thickness. Stairs installation is often responsible for their lifetime, a wrong installation, without observing the technology, will result in stair damage shortly after installation.


Granite stairs are the most durable, with excellent behavior in exterior and high traffic areas. Marble stairs are mainly used in elegant spaces with high traffic, both exterior and interior. After all, the stairs are nothing more than a connecting element, sometimes too complicated for a complete understanding, yet designed for shaping a bridge between one boundary and another, from one point to another.



For these special projects that will bring you closer to personal comfort, we have an entire range of natural stone for cut-to-size parts designed for your project. A wonder of nature can only be replicated as close to the truth as possible by using the most precious material offered to us: natural stone.


Nature shaped the most amazing “projects" in every corner of the world, based on a simple material for thousands of years and this is natural stone. Every since we discovered this universal material, we have tried to bring it into every home for completing together the most beautiful projects. For our full product range, we invite you to visit our website and get in touch with us by email at export@piatraonline.com or by phone at +40.318.222.333! For over 11 years, we are #generatinginspiration!

Stone Exterior Stairs | Discover the 999 steps to Heaven’s Gate
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