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Natural stone surfaces require aftercare and cleaning on daily and regular basis. After applying solutions on the surface, aftercare is needed. Considering the installation site and usage, aftercare is specific at specific time frames. But we have common aftercare tips for all projects, such as:


1. Using a dry mop, dust surfaces frequently (at least daily). This will remove minor/invisible dust particles that can be abrasive. Surfaces can be cleaned and vacuumed, making sure accessories will not scratch surface.


2. Wash surface weekly/when needed. Use neutral detergent such as LTP floorshine. Usually, for aftercare of sealed surface you only need tap water. The most sensitive surfaces are: marble, travertine, limestone, onyx.


3. After washing rinse surface with clean water, then wipe with dry cloth. Surface need to be free of water.


4. Immediately wipe spilled liquied from surface, regardless of their nature or fat. Difficult stains damage surface even when washed with tap water. For removing the splashed water do not wipe surface, clean it with warm water and a neutral detergent. Finally dry surface by wiping it with a dry cloth.


5. Polish glossy natural stone surfaces, honed with a professional wax


6. For areas with mold, use a professional anti-mold detergent


7. Do not mix chemicals for cleaning without specific instruction from manufacturer, because some mixtures could be toxic or lethal. For example, mixture between bleachers and ammonia is lethal.


8. On regular basis, apply specific treatments for stone surfaces (flooring, countertops and stairs).


The aftercare of stone-cladded surfaces in public areas, should consider the fact that some detergents (e.g. those for cleaning toilets) contain hydrofluoric acid in variable concentrations, this acid attacks all natural stones, including granite and quartzite. That's why their use is forbidden. The traffic for natural stone floors reflects the state of the surface as it increases abrasion processes that lead to color modification and finish damage. Therefore, for aftercare of natural stone floors in public projects only professional solutions are recommended.


For bathrooms and kitchens cladded surfaces (especially flooring, countertops and backsplashes) use following instructions:


1. do not use powders/creams surface cleaning since these are abrasive and will scratch surfaces.


2. vinegar, lemon juice, acid detergents are corrosive for stone surface; clean stone surfaces with neutral or alkaline detergents (pH 7 or higher) and hot water – specific dishwashers comply with this requirement


3. natural stone countertops are subjected to the influence of corrosive agents; you have special special kits that include cleaning, sealing and aftercare solutions for countertops


Using a professional detergent for natural stone sanitary ware is recommended for removing grease and limestone deposits (e.g. LTP Stonewash, LTP Waxwash and LTP Floorshine). For specific aftercare tips, you can visit our website or just give us a call at +40318.222.33 or email: export@piatraonline.com.

Tips for natural stone aftercare
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